How to convert pxl to jpg?

PXL files are widely used in LaserJet printer and JPG is abbreviated from joint photographic experts group. JPEG is another name for JPG. It is widely used by graphical documents because JPG format files are smaller in storage space. The method of converting  pxl to jpg, is being focused on by people all around the world. Fortunately, the way to convert PXL to JPG has been found. It is VerPDF PCL converter which can  convert pxl to jpg as fast as possible. Go download it from this position:

To convert  pxl to jpg, these things should be done according to these steps.

Step 1: Install it if you want to use it correctly.  Double click on the unzipped folder to open it and run the file whose extension name is exe. There is a window VeryPDF PCL Converter on your desktop (picture 1).

the running VeryPDF PCL Converter

Picture 1

Step 2: Set the output format to make sure that the format of output files is JPG. Hit the label “Setting” in the previous picture and a dialogue box called VeryPDF PCL Converter will be displayed. It is as follow:

set parameters about VeryPDF PCL Converter v2.0

Picture 2

Find the tab “Basic Setting” in picture 2 and choose it.

Turn the content in the red box  to JPG click on the button “OK”.

Step 3: Place the PXL files you want to convert to the window, VeryPDF PCL Converter v2.o.

If the number of PCL documents you want to convert is between one and all in one directory, you need to pay attention to two tabs , Add file(s) and File(F)-Add files. You can select the PCL files by operation on one of them. The window to convert PXL to JPG is picture 3.

Select the files you want to convert.

Picture 3

If you need to convert all documents in one directory, press “Add directory” which is on the pull-down menu of “File(F)”. Picture 4 is the window after “Add directory” has been hit a directory

Picture 4

In the picture above, the folder called “example” is the directory which need to be converted. Press “OK”.

3) Find a directory to put your JPG files.

Press the button “Start” on the last line of the first picture. picture 5 is the pop-up window.

select an output directory

Picture 5

After you choose the directory you want to put the new files in,  “OK” will be activated. Press “OK”.  For now, the convert job is completed.

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