How to convert pxl to pdf via command line?

One of you might encounter the following situations or similar ones.

Case 1, My xda2 has been damage, and i get the memory card and put it on my camera to transfer my files to my desktop, but the files are in pxl file which my excel in my desktop cannot read. what can i do to view it from my desktop. is there any solution?

Case 2, HELP! I am an idiot. I dropped my pda, and the screen broke. I have the SD card where I stored my document in, but how do I open one of my .pxl docs??? The pda is out for service and I really, really need to open this file! Help!

Case 3 ,PXL files are Pocket PC excel file created on a Pocket PC. I can't seem to view these file types on my desktop PC. Any suggestions?

The best way to solve these tricky questions is to find a helpful tool to assist you, that’s to say, convert pxl file to other format files that can be read in your computer. Your best choice will go to PCL Converter command line and with its help you are allowed to convert pxl to pdf, a universal document file can be read in any computer. The operation on PCL Converter command line is simple, you could take the following steps as reference.

Firstly, Downloading&Installing PCL Converter command line

  1. click the link to open
  2. go to  VeryPDF PCL Converter command line
  3. press “Download” and save file

During the installing process, you are bound to see below window box,

installing interface

There are two ways to experience PCL Converter command line: one is to press “try”, the other one to press “Buy now”. The former one means you are entitled 50times free of charge to experience this wonderful software. The latter one means you purchase it for permanent use.

Secondly, Launching command prompt window

You are bound to launch MS-DOS command prompt window. Because the command line is bound to be operated under the MS-DOS environment. The procedure is easy, and the following pictures will guide you.

press  “start”>choose “Run”>input “cmd”>press “ok”

way to launch MS-DOS command prompt window

When the following appears, you will have the MS-DOS command prompt window.

command prompt

Thirdly, Inputting command line

Input the command line to convert pxl to pdf.

it goes below

pcltool.exe C:\in.pxl C:\out.pdf


  • C:\in.pxl is to specify a pcl filename or a directory for input,
  • C:\out.pdf is to specify the pdf file name for output.

when the input is done, press “enter” key, you will see,

detailed operation on command line displayed in command prompt

when you see “result=ok”, it means the program has gone through.  

Fourthly, Checking file

Open the output file to check if pxl has been converted to pdf file.

pdf file

result pic

So far, you have successfully converted  pxl to pdf so as to you can read your pxl file in pdf document format. For inquiry, please visit at

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