How to print RTF to PDF?


Do you know how to print rtf to pdf? Maybe you are not familiar with rtf. So first allow me to introduce rtf to you.

What is rtf?

It is a common text file format that supports "rich text" may include several types of text formatting, such as bold type, italics, different fonts and font sizes, custom tab settings, etc; may also support images saved within the text file.

There is a good way to print rtf to pdf. That is we can cushily print rtf to pdf by using the virtual printer—docPrint PDF Driver. DocPrint Pro has two virtual printers: one is docPrint, and the other is docPrint PDF Driver. In this article, docPrint PDF Driver can easily print rtf to pdf. It belongs to the software docPrint Pro. So before the operations, it is crucial for you to download docPrint Pro.

Step 1: download and install

Step 2: print RTF to PDF

Open a RTF format file:

  1. Click “File”
  2. Click “print”
  3. A moment later, a dialogue box “Print” will pop up
  4. Choose “docPrint PDF Driver” and click it
  5. Click “Print”

As the picture 1 showed you.

the operations

(Picture 1)

Step 3: choose and save

Wait for a while, a dialogue box “Save As” will pop up

  1. Choose a suitable location for saving the target file in the “Save in” combo box.
  2. Edit the target file name in the “File name” edit box
  3. Select the file type “PDF” in the “Save as type” combo box
  4. Click “save”

As the picture 2 showed you.

the save as dialogue box

(Picture 2)

Step4: compare the target and original file

  • Open the target file and the original file
  • Compare them
  • You will vividly find that we had printed rtf to pdf file by using docPrint PDF Driver.

As picture 3 and picture 4 showed you.


the original file

(Picture 3)


the target file

(Picture 4)

I am glad that you read my this article, if you have any questions or advice, please feel free to contact me.  In addition, there is a basic version of  docPrint Pro. It has the same functions as docPrint PDF Driver. The price is very low. You can download it through this link: , if you want to purchase it, click to Thanks for your reading.

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