No changing the pdf file which is converted by Verypdf pcl converter?



I am a junior of a high school in my hometown. Last year I entered for the New Concept English Spoken Contest. Luckily I had gone all the way into the final competition. I am very excited and nervous. As the saying goes, “no pains, no gains”, it is not casual that I get into the finals but inevitable because I have made all my efforts to learn English. When other students are playing or sleeping, I am studying all different kinds of English course. I am confident in myself in the past and next few years but I want to do better. So I am planning to give my contest e-paper to all the people around me. I want comments from them but I do not want it to be revised. In addition, pcl is the format of my e-paper and a converter to convert pcl to pdf, verypdf pcl converter, is the tool I used. I do know how to convert pcl to pdf but not know how to prevent other people from changing the converted file

Can you help me?

Above all things, congratulations!

Since you have known these functions you have mentioned in your passage, no changing the pdf file is just no big deal. Only an option of Verypdf pcl converter can finish your job. It is “no changing the document” in the permission box which is in the l0abel “pdf security”. Go find it and tick it. After that what you need to do is to do convert task as before. Then a pdf file which is no changing the document has been got.

Do you know how to find the pdf security tab? If not, just click on the label “setting” on the Verypdf pcl converter window. On the following window you can this tab “pdf security”.

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