Convert HTTP link to PDF and edit PDF keywords

This article would like to introduce two methods to convert HTTP link to PDF and edit PDF keywords via command line. The command line application recommended by this article is VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line, which is a stand-alone application, and is capable of batch conversion. Now, please click VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line to download and install this command line application. The following part will show you how to use it to convert a single HTTP link to PDF and edit PDF keywords and how to use it to do batch conversion.

1. Convert a single HTTP link to PDF

Two steps are required to convert a single HTTP link to PDF and edit PDF keywords.

1.1. Open the command prompt window

To open the command prompt window, you should click Start, > click Run, > type cmd > click OK.

1.2. Type a command line

The basic usage is as follows: htmltools [-keywords <string>] < HTTP link > [<PDF file>]. For instance,

d:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -keywords "link2pdf" c:\out.pdf

The example command line above can be used to convert the HTTP link of the homepage of VeryPDF to PDF file and set the PDF keyword as link2pdf. You can change the directories according to the related files on your computer, and the character string following -keywords. After you type a proper command line, please press Enter.

2. Batch conversion from HTTP links to PDF files

To convert multiple HTTP links to PDF files, and edit PDF keywords, please do as follows:

2.1. Create a text file.

2.2. Open the text file, and type command lines in this file. The following are some examples,:

  • d:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -keywords "link1" c:\1.pdf
  • d:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -keywords "link2" c:\2.pdf
  • d:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -keywords "link3" c:\3.pdf

2.3. Close the file and change the file extension from “.txt” to “.bat”. For example, you can rename the file as “out.bat”

2.4. Double click the icon of the BAT file.

The two methods can help you greatly enhance your work efficiency. If you want to buy VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line, please click Purchase. If you want to get more information about it or the GUI version of this converter, you can click here.

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