Convert pcl to postscript and rotate page via command line?

PostScript is described as a page description language and was developed by Adobe in 1984 and continues to be used on high volume printers, typesetting equipment and optionally on many mid size devices. It also had a brief foray into use as a display language on the Next systems. PostScript is a fully-fledged programming language and offers and extraordinary level of flexibility in the printing process. PostScript files can be easily converted to PDF files using Adobe Acrobat or even viewed using tools like Ghost Script. Based on this, you can convert pcl to postscript and then rotate page by using PCL Converter command line.

The first step—Downloading

Follow this link to download PCL Converter command line

The whole package is just of 6.04 MB, making the downloading swiftly.

The second step—Launching

You have to launch  command prompt window. Because the command line is bound to be operated under the MS-DOS environment. The procedure is easy, and the following pictures will guide you.

1) Click “start” and then go to “Run”

Click “start” and then go to “Run”

2) Input “cmd” into the following


3) Press “ok”, you will find  command prompt window popping up

command prompt

The third step—Inputting

Input command line to convert pcl to postscript and rotate page, the command line can be describes as follows,

pcltool.exe -rotate 180 D:\in.pcl D:\out.postscript


  1. D:\in.pcl is to specify a pcl filename or a directory for input,
  2. D:\out.postscript is to specify the postscript file name for output,
  3. -rotate 180 is to rotate page by 180 degree.

    Once the input is done, press “enter” key, you will see,

    detailed operation of command line displayed in  command prompt window

    The fourth step—Checking

    Open the file to check, screenshot again

    result pic

    Through the above procedures you will see the PCL Converter command line is quite easily to operate, and the conversion result is sound. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below.

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