How to convert MS Office document of xls to postscript file using Document Converter?

We can not ignore the advantage of Excel, say it is pretty good application for showing data and make data report, but some time Excel also has some inconvenience for us to tackle, say if we need to insert it to an word document. Then what is your normal way to shoot this matter? I will introduce my way to you, hoping it will be helpful for us.

When this kind of case happen to me, I will convert Excel to image, say xls to postscript. Then insert the image file to my word document file. You may can not help wonder why you need to convert Excel to image? Is that easy to convert xls to postscript?If you feel my way is also good for you, please follow my steps to do the conversion.

First, I will free download an software named docPrint Pro which can convert any printable file to image file formats or PDF file. By the way, this is the link for free download:

Second, add my file to it. This is the true beginning for converting Excel to image. Please see details in the following picture. I just simply drag the file to the blanks.

add excel to docPrint Pro

Third, choose the output format. Click the “setting” button and choose the output format in “Base setting” sub label. See detail in the following picture.

convert excel to ps

Forth, do the conversion by clicking the button “Start” and choose a place to save the converted file. A few seconds later, you will see the success in your appointed folder. The conversion from xls to postscript ends.

This software can do more that you think. It is also a printer driver which can help you save a lot of paper, ink and precious time. If you have any question and better idea for this software, you are welcome to our live chat or email us to

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