Convert PPT to PDF and encrypt PDF by command line

To protect your privacy, sometimes you may need to encrypt PDF when convert PPT to PDF. This article will introduce a method to use a command line to convert PPT to PDF and encrypt PDF. Only three steps are required.

Firstly, you should download VeryPDF Document Converter. There are three reasons you should try it. First, it’s an all-to-all document converter. Second, it provides a command line version which supports command line as well as option setting. Third, it’s a stand-alone application. Anyway, after you install it on the computer, you can find the command line application in the installation folder. it is named doc2pdf.exe.

Secondly, you should open a command prompt window. Assuming you are a Windows XP user, please follow the steps as follows: click Start in the lower left corner of the screen, click Run, type cmd and press Enter. The command prompt window appears on the screen and then you should proceed to the next step.

The last but most important step is to type a command line based on the usage of the executable file doc2pdf.exe:

doc2pdf [options] <-i Document Files> [-o Output]

The options that can be used to encrypt PDF are:

-s openpwd=XXX    : set 'open password' to PDF file
-s ownerpwd=XXX   : set 'owner password' to PDF file
-s keylen=XXX     : key length (40 or 128 bit)
        -s keylen=0   : 40 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 3 or higher)
        -s keylen=1   : 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 5 or higher)
        -s keylen=2   : 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 6 or higher)
-s permission=XXX : set permission to PDF file
        -s permission=4    : Deny printing
        -s permission=8    : Deny modification of contents
        -s permission=16   : Deny copying of contents
        -s permission=32   : No commenting
       -s permission=1024 : Deny Assemble

Please take a look at the following examples:

  • doc2pdf -s openpwd=567 -s keylen=2 -i C:\in.ppt -o C:\out.pdf
  • doc2pdf -s ownerpwd=789 -s keylen=1 -s permission=1024 -i C:\input.ppt -o C:\output.pdf
  • doc2pdf -s openpwd=543 ownerpwd=567 -s keylen=2 -s permission=32 -i C:\input.ppt -o C:\output.pdf
  • doc2pdf -s openpwd=269 ownerpwd=987 -s keylen=2 -s permission=16 -i C:\*.ppt -o C:\*.pdf

To see more related options, please type the path of the executable file in the command prompt window and press Enter. Please select the proper options and then type a command line to meet your needs. Don’t forget to press Enter after that.

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