How to convert DOC to PNG via command line?

If you are searching for a method to effectively and quickly convert DOC to PNG, why not try the command line version of VeryPDF Document Converter? VeryPDF Document Converter is a kind of all-to-all document converter. This is because it can convert almost all printable files to PDF files and image files. It can help you generate image files of high quality, it supports batch conversion and wildcard, and most importantly, it can well preserve the original contents of the input files.

VeryPDF Document Converter has multiple versions. Even if you are not very familiar with command lines, you can also quickly learn how to use it. Anyway, if you have many documents to convert and want to minimize the time spent on conversion, why don’t you just read this article and try to learn how to use this command line application to solve your problem? Only three steps are required.

First, you should download VeryPDF Document Converter. Please click free trial version and then, you can get dozens of times to try it free. After this command line application is installed on the computer, you can proceed to open the command prompt window.

To open the command prompt window, you may first know what operating system you are in, because different ways might be used to open the command prompt window. Taking Windows XP as an example, you can do as follows: click Start, >click Run, > type “cmd” in the Run dialog box that pops out, >click OK in the Run dialog box and then the command prompt window will appear on the screen.

The third step is to type a command line and press Enter on your keyboard. The basic usage of the main executable file named doc2pdf is doc2pdf [options] <-i input file> [-o output file]. doc2pdf. This article only aims to introduce how to convert DOC to PNG, without mentioning the method to set options such as color resolution, so, the basic usage can be changed to be doc2pdf <-i DOC file> [-o PNG file].

For example, the following command line can be used to convert a single DOC file to PNG on my computer:

"c:\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" -i c:\in.doc -o d:\out.png

The first directory stands for the executable file. The double quotation marks must be used to enclose any directory that contains spaces. –i represents input and the directory following it refers to the input file on disk C. –o represents output, and the directory after it stands for the output file on disk D. If you want to convert multiple documents from DOC to PNG, you can use the wildcard *. For instance, you can use c:\*.doc to represents all the input files in the root folder on disk C. Please type a command line according to the real circumstances on your computer. After that, please press Enter.

If you have any question, please leave a message or feel free to ask, thanks for reading.  If you want to get more information about VeryPDF Document Converter, please read more articles about it. 

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