How to convert MS Visio documents of vsd to postscript?

Converting vsd to postscript is a way to edit vsd files in Photo shop. Due to its proprietary file format, few other programs can read Visio files. However, Visio can read and write files as VDX files. This article also tells you a way of reading vsd files. If you have this kind of demands, this article will be helpful for you.

Converting vsd to postscript helps you read Visio files as reading postscript files. I do the conversion from vsd to postscript by software named Document Converter which also has a nickname (docPrint) that can convert all the printable files to image files or PDF files.

  • Here the following will show you how to use docPrint.

Step 1. Download docPrint

The following link can help you download the trial version of docPrint.

And if you need to get the full function version, I guess you have to pay for it by this following link.

Step 2. Run docPrint

Once you download it successfully, there will be icon on the desktop. Double click it then you can enter its interface.

First, you need to add Visio file to it. Dragging files from its containing folder to the interface of docPrint or clicking the button “Add files” will be available.

Second, you need to choose the target file format by clicking the button “Setting” then go to “Base setting” sub menu where it is not hard to find a dropdown list for you to choose postscript which has been short for ps as the target file format. If you need to adjust the image resolution and color depth, you have to go the “Save Image Mode” sub menu label.

Third, click the button “Start” to run this application. Then the conversion from vsd to postscript will be processed automatically. A few seconds later, you can find the converted files in chosen folder.

This way is mainly about converting vsd to postscript, but you can use it in converting all the printable files to image files or PDF files. Here I will call an end for this article. If you have further question, you are welcome to email us or come to our live chat. Thanks for your reading in advance.

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