How to print image to pdf with three ways?

This article aims to tell you the method to print image to pdf with PDFcamp Printer Pro, which is a professional and multi-functional converting tool to help you create pdf files with the virtual printer, in batch or with the command line. The following part of this article is about three ways to get this conversion with PDFcamp Printer Pro.


Download PDFcamp Printer Pro to your computer from this link:, then double-click the installer to install PDFcamp Printer Pro with the setup wizard step by step. Then, choose a image file in your computer, and use the right button of mouse to click its icon, then select “Print” on the dropdown list, then you can get the photo printer wizard, then please click “Next” > click the edit-box to select “PDFcamp Printer” > click “Next”, in “Available layouts” select “Full Page Prints” or Contact Sheet Prints” etc. to get the different preview of print on the other side of the panel, then click “Next”, you can get the dialog box of “Save As”, and then choose the objective folder and click “Save” to print image to pdf. Here are the related screen snapshots below:

wizard of printing image to pdf wizard of printing image to pdf

wizard of printing image to pdf save pdf for the conversion of image to pdf


Double-click “BatchPDF.exe” in the folder of “VeryPDF PDFcamp Printer Pro v2.3” to open its main interface for the conversion in batch, then click “Menu” > select “Open files” > select images > click “Open” of dialog box, then you can get the images opened automatically, and then you need to click the print icon there and follow the wizard to select “PDFcamp Printer” and finish the whole conversion. The following picture can show you more details:

panel of BatchPDF.exe dialog box of selecting images

快照55 wizard of printing image to pdf

wizard of printing image to pdf wizard of printing image to pdf


Open the command prompt window in your computer: click “Windows+R”, then type “cmd.exe” and click “ok” in the dialog box, the command prompt window can be opened automatically. Then you should follow the exact rule below to type the related command line in the command prompt window, where <space>and <enter> are to click “space”and click “enter” separately, “cd the path of the folder containing “BatchPDF.exe” is to change directory and enter into the folder containing “BatchPDF.exe”, “BatchPDF.exe<space><space>target.pdf” is to launch the converting tool and prepare the source file and the targeting file name and the file extension, <enter> is to click “enter” to convert image to pdf:

cd<space>the path of the folder containing “BatchPDF.exe”<enter>


first part to convert image to pdf with command

Then, you can get the interface of “BatchPDF.exe”, then repeat the steps in method 2 above to process the single task with the command line.

This is the end of the conversion from image to pdf with the virtual printer, in batch and with the command line. And if you want to buy PDFcamp Printer Pro, please click this link:, thank you for your reading.

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