Convert multiple GIF to one PDF

In this article, you will see how to convert multiple gif to one pdf document with the GUI application PDF Editor of VeryPDF. There are only three steps for you to fulfill the conversion and you just need to learn something about the application at first, then you will be able to use it easily.

With PDF Editor, you can convert many kinds image formats to pdf document. It also supports to convert multiple images to one single pdf document. In addition, you can use this application to convert pdf document to various types of image formats.

PDF Editor is an amazing editor designed for pdf documents at the same time. It enables you to add contents, comments, annotations to the input pdf document. You can also use it to edit the texts, draws, links or other elements for the pdf documents.

For using the application, you can download it at The installation is necessary for your further using. If you need to use this application usually, you’d better to create a desktop icon for convenience.

Then please see the following contents which are for describing the steps about converting multiple gif to one pdf.

1. Please open PDF Editor. You can click double click the icon of the application on your desktop to open it. Or you can double click the icon and click “Open” option in dropdown list.

2. In the popup main interface of PDF Editor, please add the gif files which need to be converted to the application. Please click “File” in menu area in the interface to open the dropdown list. Then you need to click “Create PDF”—“From Multi Files” to open “Create PDF From Multiple Documents” dialog box in which you can add all the input files to the application. Please see it in Figure 1.

Add multiple gif to PDF Editor

                                         Figure 1

By clicking “Browse” button in “Add Files” group box, the “Open” dialog box will come out, in which you are allowed to add the files you want to convert into the application. Then you will be able to see their file paths in “Files To Combine” group box. If some file doesn’t need to be converted, please click its path and click “Remove” button in “Arrange Files” group box. The buttons “Move Up” and “Move Up” are used to change the file order.

3. Please specify the location for the output pdf document in the text box of “Output File” group box. Or you can click “Save” button to open “Save as” dialog box in which you can set some parameters for the target file. Please see “Save as” dialog box in Figure 2.

save multiple gif to one pdf

                                            Figure 2

In “Save in” dropdown list, you can also choose the existed location on your computer for output file. In “File name” edit box, please input the file name. In “Save as type” dropdown list, you need to choose the right format for the target file and then click “Save” button. When you see the last dialog box again, please click “OK” button to convert multiple gif to one pdf document. If you want to change all the settings that you have just set, please click “cancel” button.

That’s are all the operations about the conversion from gif to pdf, you’d better download PDF Editor and try it yourself and you will must get more useful information than just reading this article. To obtain more introductions about the application, please enter its homepage:

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