How to use COM-based (or DLL etc) pdf printer together with Delphi7?

Q:I'm looking for a COM-based (or DLL etc) pdf printer driver which I can access from Delphi7.

A: If you need to use pdf printer together with Delphi7, you need to install two sets of software.

One is PDFPrint Command Line v2.0 which can be downloaded here: In the SDK version, there is one example about how to call Delphi.You can refer to it as to the source code. If you need to know more about it, you can visit its homage,

The other is Document Printer v5.0 which can be downloaded here

. If you need to know more about it, you can visit its homage,

Q:I want to be able to set the printer name (eg veryPDF), and then programmatically set the output filename and print to it just like any printer.

A: You can use the parameter -printer <string> to specify a name in the Printers and Faxes. The parameter -printtofile <string> can specify the output file name and file path.

Q:If the file exists already I want to be able to append to that pdf file.

A: I am afraid that this function will be a little hard. If there exists a file, it will be overwrite when you output files.

Q:There might be even 20 processes/programs running at the same time on the computer - all wanted to print to PDF using the same printer driver - but all will want to print to a DIFFERENT filename at the same time.

A: Our software support multithreading operation. Our printer using the queue management prints files. You can use the parameter -printtofile <string> to specify output file name. .

Q:Everything needs to be handle programmatically/silently with no dialog boxes.

A: Our software support batch conversion automatically. All the work can be done automatically and quietly.

You can have a free trial of that software. During the using, if you have any question, you are welcome to our live chat or email us again. We will solve your matter as soon as possible.

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