Print OpenOffice documents of ODT to PDF and send PDF by email to other people

PDFcamp Printer can help you print ODT to PDF and send PDF by email to other people in Windows platforms. You can read the following paragraphs to know more.

1. Choose a ODT file to open in your computer

Double click the icon of your ODT file in your computer, then this ODT file can be opened on your screen.

2. Get the print panel

After the ODT file is opened, please click “Ctrl + P” in order to open the panel of print on your screen like below:

print panel

On print panel, please click “PDFcamp Printer” there for making PDFcamp Printer as your processing printer here. Then, please click “Properties” in order to get its panel.

3. Prepare for sending PDF by email to other people

After you get the panel of properties, please switch to “Email” panel, then you should refer to the following picture to accomplish the setting of emails including emails accounts of sender and receiver, the content of email, and outgoing SMTP server with “Setting” hit etc.:

properties panel edit account of authentication need

Then click “OK” on panel of properties in order to jump back to print panel.

4. Print OpenOffice document of ODT to PDF and send PDF by email to other people

On print panel, if you want to edit other properties of PDF file or get copies of PDF file etc., you can click the related switches, radios or edit-boxes etc. in order to set them accordingly. Finally, when all the basic work is done well, please click “print” on panel of print so that you can choose a folder to save PDF file with one click on “Save” and PDFcamp Printer can help you fulfill this mission, then your PDF file can be sent by email to other people.

edit relative options and click "Print" on panel of print

save PDF by one click on "Save"

By now, if you want to experience this tool after the illustration to print ODT to PDF and send PDF by email to other people, you can click this link to download its installer and install PDFcamp Printer in your computer: If you want to know more of PDFcamp Printer and buy it, please click the following links separately:;

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