A way to OCR screen

With VeryPDF Screen OCR, which is one application on verypdf official website, you can OCR any kind of screen on computers of Windows systems. To know more of VeryPDF Screen OCR, which helps you extract any text from screen snapshot you can go to homepage of VeryPDF Screen OCR.

Here is the method to OCR screen in order to extract text with VeryPDF Screen OCR:

1. Install VeryPDF Screen OCR with double click on installer of VeryPDF Screen OCR.

2. Double click shortcut of VeryPDF Screen OCR on screen, then its GUI interface can be opened automatically, where you can see there are three tool buttons, a dropdown list of language and one edit box for setting hotkey of capture. interface of VeryPDF Screen OCR

Before your capture, please be clear on which language your screen contains, then please click relative language on dropdown list of “Language” so that OCR technology can help you process it more accurately. To capture any screen, please click “capture” or hotkey after you set it in edit box of “Set hotkey to capture screen”, then please drag colorful arrow key to a proper position > drop it on screen, so there are four buttons popping out like below: if you want to adjust capture zone directly, please put your mouse on any point of frame > drag and drop it to another place so that capture zone can be changed flexibly; if you want to save this screen snapshot, please click “save to file”; if you want to OCR screen directly, please click “OCR” there.

rectangle of OCR technology and click OCR

After you click “OCR” there, a few seconds later, there can be a window named “OCR Result” popping out, where screen snapshot and its text can be shown. To preview this image, you can click any tool buttons above preview panel. To save this text in TXT format, please click “File” > select “save text” to save it in default folder or select “save text as” to save this text in customized folder flexibly.

OCR result window and OCR result text with accurate quality

By now, it is complete to OCR screen --- extract text from screen snapshot with VeryPDF Screen OCR . If you have any questions on this process, welcome to drop your comments here, so our technique support will contact and help you as soon as possible. 🙂

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