Convert image to PDF and edit PDF subject

This article would like to introduce you 2 ways to convert image to PDF and edit PDF subject, which are the conversions with GUI interface of Image to PDF Converter and command line of Image to PDF Converter. To know more, please carry on reading this article.

You can go to homepage of Image to PDF Converter to know more of this application. And please follow steps below to install GUI version and CMD version of Image to PDF Converter:

  1. Download installer of Image to PDF Converter, then install GUI version of Image to PDF Converter with setup wizard step by step
  2. Download zip file of CMD version of Image to PDF Converter, and extract its content to your computer so that CMD version can be effective once you call “img2pdf.exe” later

Here are the methods to use GUI version and CMD version of Image to PDF Converter to convert image to PDF and edit PDF subject:

  • GUI

Please open GUI interface on your computer > add one image for this process with this way: click “Add Files” > select one image in dialog box of “Image2PDF” > click “Open” there, then path of this image can be shown in processing table, and this image can be previewed on GUI interface with one click on its path optionally:

interface of Image to PDF Converter edit subject on setting panel

Next, to edit PDF subject with GUI interface, please click button of “Setting” > select “PDF Info” tab on setting panel, then in edit box of “Subject”, you need to type targeting subject of PDF there, finally, you need to click “ok” there so that this panel can be closed along with successful saving of this setting.

At last, to select destination folder and generate PDF file, please click button of “Make PDF”, and after you select “Convert one file into one PDF file” on dropdown list, please choose destination folder and click “save” in dialog box of “save as”, finally, along with the disappearing of this dialog box, GUI version of Image to PDF Converter can offer you proper PDF file.

  • CMD

After you extract folder “image2pdf_cmd3.2” to your computer, please click “start” > select “Run” > type “cmd” > click “ok” on your computer, then running environment of command line ---- command prompt window can be opened, where you can refer to usage to accomplish your process directly:

Img2PDF [options] <-o output> <images>

Img2PDF stands for path of “img2pdf.exe”, which needs to inputted for calling “img2pdf.exe”; [options] represents all parameters used to edit properties of PDF optionally; <-o output> is essential combination, where “-o” is essential parameter to produce PDF and “output” is objective path typed for saving PDF file; <images> stands for source path of image, which needs to be typed for adding image for process.

After you understand usage, here is an example about this process you can refer to:

f:\image2pdf_cmd3.2\img2pdf.exe –j “” g:\targets\subject.pdf g:\sources\subject.bmp<enter>

where –j “” is parameter with string “” typed for editing subject as “”, and <enter> stands for one essential click on “enter” in command prompt window, which is used for starting process.

For more questions about this process, which is about how to convert image to PDF and edit PDF subject, it is easy and convenient for you to leave your comments here so that we can offer you perfect support within 24 hours at most! 🙂

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