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This article will show you a good application which is specially designed for converting the document of pdf to word file, including .doc and .docx files. It can exactly preserve the text and image information of pdf document, which can help you reuse the pdf contents with high quality and efficiency. This application supports to open the input pdf document by dragging and dropping it into the main interface of it, which is convenient and easy to use. The name of the application is VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter.

You can experience the application by downloading the free trial version at and install it on your computer. If necessary, you can create a desktop icon for using the application anytime. If you want to use all the functions of the application without any limitations after evaluating, please buy it at

Now please follow the contents below to convert the document of pdf to word file. With a user-friendly interface, you will be able to master all the operations quickly.

The first step is to open the application. You can double click the desktop icon or right click the icon and choose “Open” option in the dropdown list. You can also click “Start”—“All Programs”—“VeryPDF PDF2Word v3.0”—“PDF2Word v3.0” to run the application.

The second step is to add pdf document into the application. In the main interface of PDF2Word which is shown in Figure 1, please click “File”—“Open” and the dialog box “Open PDF Files” will pop up. Please choose the pdf document that you want to convert and click “Open” button. You can also find the pdf document, drag and drop it in the main window of the application.

open pdf document in PDF2Word main window

                                     Figure 1

The third step is to set parameters for the target file. The dialog box “Preference” will pop up instantly when you finish adding pdf document. There is a Tab Control which contains four Tabs in the dialog box. In each Tab, you can set different parameters for the target file. For getting the detailed information about the parameters, please read the user manual of PDF2Word at At last, please click “OK” button to save the changes you have made. Please see “Preference” dialog box in Figure 2.

Preference dialog box

                                  Figure 2

The last step is to save pdf to word. After you click on “OK” button in the previous step, you can see “Save as” dialog box pop up, please see it in Figure 3. “Save in” dropdown list allows you to specify a suitable output location for the target file on the disk of your computer. You can input the name for the target file in “File name” edit box. Please choose “Word Files (*.doc)” as the output format in “Save as type” dropdown list and then click “Save” button to run the conversion from pdf to word.

save pdf to word

                                           Figure 3

All the operations have been shown above. If you still any questions about the conversion or the application, you can leave a message or come to our live chat support. We will give you a soon back answer.

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