How to convert image to PDF in batch?

In this article, I will introduce you two ways to convert image to PDF in batch. By this way, if you like, you can also edit the PDF property and add password for it.

Method 1.

This way is appropriate for those who are used to GUI version software. Before start the conversion, you need to free download  a software, Image2PDF converter. If you need to know more about this software, you’d better visit its homepage. When you download it successfully, there will be an icon on the desktop, double click then you can use it. Now let us begin the conversion.

  • Add files. This software can do batch conversion for you. If you need to convert hundreds of files, you can drag all of them to the software interface. Then this software can finish the conversion for you in a few second.  You can also click the button Add File or option File to browse folder containing the image files needed conversion.  One function needed to get your attention is that you can monitor a directory. Once you add files to the monitored directory, they can be converted to PDF files at once.

image to PDF- add files

  • Set Options. As we need to convert image to PDF in batch and this software provides lots of PDF editing options, I bet browsing Setting menu options will be helpful for you. In the Save mode tab, you can choose how to save the converted PDF file. If you ask that “Is it possible to take multiple input PS files and create just one PDF file, or do I have to do a one to one PS to PDF conversion and the merge the PDF's into 1 bigger PDF document.”, the answer is Yes.  This software can help you convert image to PDF and merge all the PDD file in one if you like. However, if you do not like to save them in one PDF file, you can convert single image to single PDF files. Not only for this, you can also set password in two types from two levels by this software.

menu options

  • Run the conversion. When you finish the setting part, you can click the button Make PDF to run the conversion. A few seconds later, you can check the converted PDF files in the chosen folder.

Method 2.

This way is right for those who like to run software in MS Dos Windows. By this way, you can do the conversion from image to PDF in batch together with the VC/VB/Delphi, ASP/PHP/.NET or other applications.  As old saying goes “A handy tool makes a handy man, we need to free download a software. It is also Image2PDF converter but command line version. It is on the website same with the above software. Download it to your PC and open MS Dos Windows then you can run it.

  • Please input the full file path of the image2pdf.exe and press Enter to check the usage and parameter list.
  • According to the usage and your needs, input the command line. As you may ask that “Hi, I have one question, is it possible to use a wild card such as ?pd2ddf *.ps *.pdf.” The answer is Yes. This software can give you more than you image.

The following snapshot maybe can help you get a rough idea about this function.


  • When you finish the inputting the command line, please press Enter to order the conversion to begin. A few seconds later, you can use the converted PDF files in the chosen folder.

Here I will call an end for the conversion from image to PDF in batch, if you have any question about this conversion or file format conversion, you are welcome to contact us by the ways supported on this website. Those software are developed by VeryPDF Software company. On its website, you can find more software about file format conversion.

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