How to extract Portuguese text from image PDF to Excel

If you want to extract Portuguese text from image PDF to Excel file, you may need to use the OCR embedded document converter because with the OCR technology, the scanned or image characters in PDF document can be recognized well and then they will be converted into Excel file with the function of document converter.

The application you can use in this conversion is the product of VeryPDF which designs many kinds of document converter about different usages for meeting your requirements. The name of the application to play the leading role is PDF to Excel OCR Converter. You can see its main functions from the application’s name.

You can download the free trial version of the PDF to Excel OCR Converter in its homepage for your evaluation free of charge. If you want to purchase the application, the homepage of the application also supplies five kinds of licenses. You can buy any one of them according to your needs.

Please see the specific steps about the conversion from image PDF to Excel in the following contents. At first, you need to open the application. If you have created an icon of the application, you can double click the icon or right click the icon and choose “Open” option in dropdown list. If there is no icon, you need to click “Start”—“All Programs”—“VeryPDF PDF to Excel OCR Converter v2.0”—“VeryPDF PDF to Excel OCR Converter v2.0”. The main interface of the application is shown in Figure 1.

main interface of PDF to Excel OCR Converter

                                                                     Figure 1

Then please try to add your Portuguese PDF document into the application with any one of the following given ways. Of course, you can also use your own ideas. (1) Please click “Add PDF File (s)” button to open file picker window in which you can select the document to be converted. (2) Right click file list and click “Add files” option in popup floating item to open the same file picker window. (3) Drag and drop the document into the application.

Then you can set the parameters for target file. In fact, you can exchange this step with the former one, which means you can set parameters for target file, then add Portuguese PDF into the application. In dropdown list in top right corner, you need to choose the option “OCR PDF File (Language: Portuguese)”. You can choose an output layout for target file in “Output Options” group box and set the output format in “Output Formats” group box.

Please click “Convert” button at last to open “Save as” dialog box for saving target file and running the conversion from image PDF to Excel. You need to specify the location for target file and input the new name in “Save in” dropdown list and “File name” edit box. Then please click “Save” button to run the conversion. The dialog box in shown in Figure 2.

save image PDF to Excel

                                                           Figure 2

The best way to master the application in a short time is to download it and do it as illustrated above. You will get more useful information than just reading the article.

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