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VeryPDF Splitter is a professional tool which can help you split PDF files in different ways. It can split PDF according to content, size, bookmarks, odd/even numbers, specified page ranges, page orientation, etc. The build-in file name templates facilitate the organization of the result PDF files.

Split black pages from PDF

Split pages according to content

Split specified pages from PDF

Split specified page ranges from PDF

Split multi-page PDF into single page PDF

Split odd/even pages from PDF

Split PDF basing on bookmarks

Split PDF according to page orientation

Combine result PDF

Name result PDF according to filename template

  Key Features

image Split multi-page PDF to single page PDF

VeryPDF Splitter can split each multipage PDF files into single page PDF files, which will are be placed in a folder. The result small PDF files will be named according to the selected filename template. The tool can automatically count the original PDF pages and name the result files according to the page numbers. For example, stt01, stt02, stt03…stt45.

imageSplit odd/even pages from PDF

VeryPDF Splitter can split according to odd or even pages. You can use this too to split an original PDF into two PDF files, one of which contains only the even pages, and the other one of which contains only the odd pages. You can also reverse the page orders in the result files.

imageSplit according to bookmarks

Lots of you might like adding bookmarks when reading PDF files. VeryPDF Splitter can help you split PDF according to the bookmarks added by you. You can either choose to create a PDF with the marked pages, or choose to split the part of the files before the marked pages.

imageSplit PDF according to content

If you want to split a PDF containing multiple invoices into PDF files with only one or some invoices according to invoice numbers, names, etc., you can use VeryPDF Splitter to help you. You can set a rule to define the text and the position where the text appear on the first page of the input file, and then split the PDF according to the this rule.

imageSplit blank PDF pages

You can choose to split black PDF pages and generate a new PDF file with no blank pages or choose to split original PDF into single page PDF files, automatically deleting the files from blank pages.

imageSplit specified pages

VeryPDF Splitter can not only help you split the same specified pages each of the input files, but also it can help you split different pages from different input files. In addition to that, this tool supports page range settings, and you can also use it to split specified page ranges as you wish.

   Good Suggestion –> Free Software

Wanna try VeryPDF Splitter? Wanna add more features to VeryPDF? Any Good suggestions? Please send emails to support@verypdf.com to share you good ideas with VeryPDF and help improve this application. If any of your suggestion is adopted, you will get a FREE SOFTWARE application as a thanks gift! Try and use this product right away!  

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