HTML to PDF conversion, which software is better for you?

When I sent a letter to VeryPDF  Software company about file format conversion from htm to PDF, I was recommended by the following products: VeryPDF HTML Converter, Document Converter and PDFcamp Printer.For converting htm to PDF, I visit these software website to choose which one is better for me.  In order to help those who have the same need as me, I put an article here. Let us compare them one by one.

Same functions of those software

  • Allow you to add PDF information like author, keyword, title to converted PDF files.
  • Add password for the converted file from two levels(40 bit and 128 bit) from two aspects (user password and owner password).
  • It can help you restrict limitation by setting owner password like printing,  changing,copying or others.
  • They all can help you save the converted PDF files in one PDF file or multi PDF file according to your needs.
  • By those three software, you can set output file folder, ways and so on so forth.
  • All allow you to view the converted file after conversion.

HTML Converter

interface of html converter

  • Two versions here: Command line version and GUI version.
  • Convert html files to PDF files and various images like WMF, EMF,TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, JP2 (JPEG2000).
  • Support PDF rotate angle setting.
  • Allow you to set Web Browser width and height setting.
  • Support timeout and time delay during the conversion.
  • Enable/Disable Unicode, java, ActiveX, Scripts, EMF's rclBound within HTML Conversion.
  • When output is image, you can set image color depth and image resolution.
  • Set all kinds of page size no matter standard or customization.  Or it can calculate the PDF size automatically.
  • Page orientation and margin setting.
  • Allow you to input the URL form or file form when adding files.
  • It can help you monitor a folder.

PDFcamp Printer

interface of PDFcamp

  • Automatically detect URLs and allow you to show them in some color.
  • It can help you start another software after processing by  PDFcamp Printer.
  • It allows you to send the processed PDF file to some by email automatically.
  • It allows to add many kinds of embedding fonts to the converted PDF file.
  • It allows you to choose compression ways for the converted file.
  • In pages size setup, it provides more options than others, like unit choosing.

Document Converter

interface of Document Converter

  • If you use the docprint Pro, it provides two virtual printers, one GUI version and one command line version software.
  • It can help you save ink, paper and precious time if you need to do the printing job after conversion.
  • Batch conversion from htm to PDF. Both URLs and html file will be ok.
  • It can help you monitor a folder.
  • It has more option, like image color depth and resolution when the output file is image.

Through comparative analysis, as I just need to convert htm to PDF, all of them will be OK for me. So I will choose the cheapest one. It is PDFcamp printer. But after consulting my friends, he told me that I should choose Document Converter, as it is more multifunctional than other. As Document Converter either can be used as file format converter or can be used as a printer driver. When we need to do the printing job after conversion, it will help me a lot. And once I pay for it, I can use it forever. I feel what my friend said is reasonable, so ay last, I choose Document Converter.  I hope my experience about choosing a software for file format conversion from htm to PDF can help you in some degree.

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