PDF Overlay-Set beautifully background for PDF files

Do you guys have any good solution to add background for PDF files then add some password for the designed PDF file? The situation is that I need to write a very sweet letter to my girl friend as a birthday present. But I need to use set her birthday date as the password. Can you guys help you me in this matter? If you can, that would be so so so sweet?”

We have a wonderful software which can help this friend rub the lamp. It is VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line. Mainly, it can merge, split, encrypt, fill PDF form, edit PDF description information, and optimize PDF. For doing PDF Overlay, it is just a pieces of cake for it.  Now let us figure this matter out roughly from the principle. Maybe you have chosen some very beautiful PDF background or images and have written some  mellifluous words to express love for your girl for girl friend. The most difficult part for you to handle is how to put them together. Now let us check the detail solution in the following part.

  • Free downloading software PDF Toolbox Command Line.
  • Unzip it to your PC then you can call it from MS Windows.
  • Check its usage. In this operation, we mainly use PDF Overlay function.

     -overlay : use a specified PDF page as a watermark and put it over the input PDF pages

  • According to the usage, you need to input the command line: pdftoolbox.exe input.pdf –overlay background.pdf –outfile  output.pdf

This command line is for doing PDF Overlay. If you need to add password for it, you need to add other parameters for it. The command line needs to be inputted like this: pdftoolbox.exe input.pdf –overlay background.pdf –outfile  output.pdf  -userpassword  0625

By this way, theoretically you can do PDF Overlay and add password for the designed PDF file. Now let us put them into practice and check the effect. I will take a random background and random poet for example.

First, check the background PDF file from the following snapshot. If you choose the beautiful image file, you can convert image2pdf.

background PDF file

Second, let the poetry PDF file. If you write it in Word or other, you can convert it to PDF file using docPrint

poetry PDF File

Third, let us check the PDF Overlay effect from the following effect.

security PDF

By this way, you can set your gf birthday date as the password and set beautiful background for your sweet letter. And this software is so easy and smart to use. All the steps can be finished in a few second. If you feel that characters are veiled by the image, you can set the image as background which will make the character PDF Overlay the image PDF file.

This is a excellent and romantic ideal birthday present, If I were her, I can image how happy I would be. Meanwhile, this PDF Overlay method can also be used in Office work.  When you need to file some PDF form and you have already make the data for the form, by this way, you can fill the data into the form directly. There are many other functions about this software,  it is too many to be listed. PDF Overlay and adding password are just a slice of it. If you feel heart beating for this software,why not join us to have a free trial.

Here I will call an end for the  PDF Overlay method. This software was developed by VeryPDF software company.  If you need to know more software about file format conversion, please visit its homage. If you have any question about this software or file format conversion, you are welcome to contact us by the ways supported on this website.

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2 Replies to “PDF Overlay-Set beautifully background for PDF files

  1. A question from customer:
    Hi I wan to buy the PDFSTAMP but I’m not sure if it can do what I want:

    I need to make a pdf out of a TXT file, I tried the followings with demo
    version but unsuccessful.

    (Imagine I have “2.txt” file in the folder that I’m running pdfstamp, and I
    wan to creat “44.pdf”)

    1- pdfstamp.exe -AT -op “2.txt” -PDF “44.pdf”

    2- pdfstamp.exe -AT “2.txt” -PDF “44.pdf”

    3- pdfstamp.exe -op “2.txt” -PDF “44.pdf”

    Please let me know if the parameters are wrong.


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    1. Thanks for your message, pdfstamp.exe hasn’t an option to overlay a text file to the pdf pages, however, we suggest you may convert the text file to PDF file first, then you can use our PDF Toolbox Command Line to overlay this PDF file to existing PDF file, please refer to following web pages for more information,


      You can use our text to pdf converter to convert text files to PDF files,


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