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How to recover PDF?

PDF(Portable Document Format) developed by Adobe in 1993 now has become one of the most popular standard distribution method of electronic documents. It is not hard to find many tutorials about how to make and use PDF files, but it is not easy to get to some notes about how to make the PDF work smoothly. Some times, we can not get any clue about why my PDF files can not be opened and how can I avoid this kind of situation happen again?

Normally speaking, when you do some encoding or editing on the PDF file in some improper way , the PDF will be damaged. Also, some factors caused by viruses and hardware malfunctions will make the PDF damaged in some degree.  When you upload or download PDF files but the connection is not good, the PDF files also will be damaged in some degree.

When those situation happened, how to  recover PDF files? PDF Recovery Toolbox can distinguish itself. Now I will show you how to use PDF Recovery Toolbox to recover PDF file.

  • Download it to your PC.
  • PDF Recovery Toolbox is developed to command line version, so you need to unzip it and call it from MS Dos Windows.
  • Input the command line: pdftoolbox damaged.pdf -outfile repaired.pdf

Note:there is no special parameter about PDF recovery function, PDF Recovery Toolbox can recover PDF automatically, so just one –outfile order will be OK.

What else PDF Recovery Toolbox can do for you?

  1. When we take to other functions of PDF Recovery Toolbox, it will be a little improper to call its nickname. Let us call it PDF Toolbox Command Line.
  2. Recovering PDF file is just a slice of function of it.
  3. It  can help you merge and split PDF files.
  4. Remove some pages from PDF file.
  5. Fill one PDF form by the data saved in another PDF file.
  6. Change PDF form to flatten PDF file.
  7. Add or remove password for PDF file.
  8. Compress PDF file.
  9. Add or detach attachment of PDF file.

As space reason, I can not list all of them here. You’d better try it yourself. I bet you can get more than you can image. 

Which parts can be recovered by PDF Recovery Toolbox?

  • The Content of PDF files. Maybe there are some text, graphics, hyperlinks or forms in your PDF file, but you can not tell which part have been damaged. Please rest assured, by this software, you do not need to specify which part, PDF Recovery Toolbox can help you recover PDF all parts.
  • The format of PDF file. Some times, the whole structure of PDF file has been damaged in some degree. PDF Recovery Toolbox can help you fix it.
  • PDF Metadata. When PDF metadata has been damaged, it is hard to check. But it does damage the PDF source information.  PDF Recovery Toolbox can help you recover PDF metadata.

Now if you ask that “ Do you have a developer version? Can this software run in Mac or Linux?” One answer to all those questions it definitely “Yes”. Please check details on its official website, https://www.verypdf.com/app/pdftoolbox/index.html.

If you have any question about this software or file format conversion, please contact us by the ways support on this website. And if you need to more software, please try your luck here, https://www.verypdf.com/.

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