VeryPDF Photo Framer

In this article, you will see a useful application which is able to add different kinds of frame for your photos so that you can share the beautiful images online, even on your phone. Of course, you can also set the framed photo as your desktop wallpaper, which can make your desktop seem more attractive.

image image

                       Original photo                                            Framed photo

Please see the main features of VeryPDF Photo Framer in the following contents. Welcome to bring up your ideas about this application and you will get this application as the gift if your advices are used in this application.

Please see the features of VeryPDF Photo Framer below

  1. Many supported frame templates. VeryPDF Photo Framer supplies multiple photo frames. According to your photo style, you can choose a suitable frame to make it more beautiful. When choosing the photo frame, you can try the template one by one, or you can find one according to the classification it offers.
  2. Support to rotate the photo or frame. VeryPDF Photo Framer allows you to rotate the photo or the frame respectively, which means that you can rotate either the frame or the added photo from 0 to 360 degree.
  3. Allow to resize the frame the photo or frame. If you want to change the size of added photo or frame, VeryPDF Photo Framer can do this for you. You just need to drag the control bar or set the width and height of the added photo or frame.
  4. Print the image to any printer of your computer. You can print the framed image to any of the printer installed on your computer and then export the image with some other kinds of file formats or just print on paper.
  5. Email the framed photo. VeryPDF Photo Framer supports to email the image via SMTP protocol server. You need to input the server address, authentication user name and password.
  6.  Output different formats of image. This application supports several kinds of output image formats like BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, PCX, etc.

Please tell us your opinions about this application, like or dislike. If you want to use this application for free, just exchange it with your gold ideas. If your ideas are used in this application after you leave your words here or contact us, the application will be sent to you as our reward.

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