VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook

VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook is an easy-to-use CHM ebook converter software which can help you convert the file chm to flash page-turning effect flip book which is popular among the internet now.  VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook can also convert chm to pdf with a new cover, table of contents, header, footer, page number, title number, etc.

When creating flip book from chm format file, VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook is able to retain the original text, table, image, graphic, etc. elements of chm document and export to flip book without any changes. This application also allows to export pdf document with different properties: encryption, descriptions, watermark, etc.

You are able to see the main features of VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook in the following contents. If this application is able to meet your needs, that’s what we want most. But if the features listed below can not answer all of your requirements, please tell us which function you want the application to realize or which feature that you don’t like or not flexible.

Key Features

1.Create 3D turning effect flip book page

image page

When you flip the page of electronic magazine or ebook online, you may find that the 3D effect is interesting enough just like you are turning page of a real book with your hand. If you use VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook to create flip book, it is also able to create this kind of 3D turning effect page flip book.

2. Add background music

We have to admit that a good background music will win much marks for an online flip book or a magazine because music is really able to relax the nervous emotion of people. If you can add some kind of music to your created flip book, it will be more attractive than other ones.

3. Offers different templates

When creating multiple flip books, one single flash template may make you visual fatigue. In view of this problem, VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook offers a lot of flash templates for you to choose. You can choose any one of them according to your needs.

4. Hide or show buttons in flip book

There are different kinds of buttons in flip book page like print, email, help, download, etc. An easy way can make them disappear. You just need to set the properties of these buttons as hide and apply the changes to the flip book. Of course, you can also use the some way to show the hided buttons.

Have you fallen in love with VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook? Please don’t forget to tell us its disadvantages and your good ideas to improve the application. You will get VeryPDF CHM to Flipbook as the gift from us if your ideas are adopted in this developing application. Please leave your words here or contact our support team now.

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