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Maybe you often read some magazines online which are book-like file and can be turned page one by one. You can also zoom in or out the current page if you can not see the page clearly or full screen. The one you see is called flip book. Do you know how to make or create a flip book? If not, the application VeryPDF FlipBook Creator which is under developing will help you do this kind of work. In this article, you will see the key features of this application.

VeryPDF FlipBook Creator is a GUI application and when you open the application, you will see a friendly user interface in which you can see all the buttons or bars clearly. Of course, you can easily know what they are used for. Just by adding files, setting parameters for the files and then creating the flip book, you can finish the work quickly. Please see the main features of VeryPDF FlipBook Creator below.

  1. Support any printable document. You can add any printable document to VeryPDF FlipBook Creator such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tga, .tiff, .png, etc. When you add the document into the application, you can see the page list on the left of the preview window and you can click each page to see the detailed information of the page.
  2. Support add a batch of documents into the application. You can add  a batch of files into the application by opening the folder which contains multiple documents or just by dragging and dropping the files into the application.
  3. Edit the image before creating flip book. If the input image is not perfect enough, you can edit them before creating the flip book with the own image editor of VeryPDF FlipBook. You can choose to rotate, reverse, contrast, bright, crop, etc. the image. You can also add some text or graphic to the image.
  4. Supply different kinds of flash template. You may find that when you turn the page of some online magazine, the flash effect is very attractive. That’s because the template that the creator choose. VeryPDF FlipBook Creator also supplies different kinds of flash template for your choice.
  5. Set many parameters for the created flip book. You can add watermark, add page number, set page size, page margin, etc. for the created flip book.
  6. Add sound to the flip book. When you read some online magazine, you may be able to listen there is a fair-sounding background music. The application VeryPDF FlipBook Creator allows you to add some sound to the flip book if you want to make the created file more charming.

So are these functions enough for you to create a good flip book? If not, please tell us the disadvantages or the shortages of VeryPDF FlipBook Creator. If your ideas are adopted in this developing application, you will get the Beta version of it as our acknowledgement. There are two ways to show your ideas:

  1. Leave the messages here.
  2. Contact our support team.
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