VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter—for Mac, Windows, and Linux

VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter is designed to help you convert HTML to PDF, DOC(X), TXT, RTF, images such as PNG, TIF(F), JPG, and BMP. You can also use it to convert any website you like to PDF and any output format mentioned above. In other words, VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter is a HTML to PDF, HTML to image and HTML to Word converter.

VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter has a GUI application (graphic user interface) and a command line application. Both can run well under Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems.

Why choose HTML to Any Converter?

Convert HTML and web pages

You can use HTML to Any Converter to convert HTML files and websites: You can input an HTML file or a website. In addition, this tool can also help you convert this encrypted webpages to PDF, image, text or Word, as long as you have its HTTP a Authentication password.

Convert HTML to a single page

You can choose to convert a HTML file or a webpage to a single page PDF or image. Or if the original file/webpage is too long, you can choose to convert it to multiple pages of a single output file. You can also convert it into multiple files.

Create transparent PNG

HTML to Any Converter is also an icon creator. It can help you generate transparent PNG, which is usually used as an icon. Some options are provided to help you to set output image page size. With the help of this tool, you can conveniently create an icon as you like.

Remove margins

If you want to remove margins, you can use HTML to Any Converter to help you. You can defined the width and specify the position of the margin which you want to remove from each page. This is a very good way to fit the input files to the page size.

Convert HTML to Encrypted PDF

When convert HTML or webpages to PDF, you can set passwords to protect the result PDF files. You can also set permissions to deny printing, editing, modifying, coping, etc. Moreover, encryption level setting is supported.

Add and Edit header and footer

You can add header and footer to the result PDF when convert HTMP to PDF, or webpages to PDF. You can define the footer/header content, the place where you put the footer/header, put a line under the header, or above the footer. You can even set footer/header font style, font size, font color, etc.

 Fit HTML to page size

Some HTML files are too wide, if so, when you go to view the result PDF file or image file, you might find some content s are not displayed on the result pages. HTML to Any Converter can well solve such problem. It provides options to automatically fit original HTML or webpage to result page size. This function is also useful when pages of input file or webpage are too narrow.

Convert HTML to image in high quality

HTML to Any Converter supports color depth setting, resolution setting, and quality setting. You can set high value of color depth, resolution, and quality to well maintain the original quality. If you like, you can also turn original color HTML to grey or monochromic images.

Delete original images and links

When convert HTML to PDF/Word/images, the images and links in the original HTML will be automatically retained. If you want to delete images or links, you can use some options to solve the problems. This can help you generate text-only image, word or PDF files.

Good Idea for free software!

Want to try it? Please contact the support group of VeryPDF by sending email to If you have any good ideas, please let us know. A free software will be sent to you when your precious suggestion is adopted!

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  1. Hello,

    we are here in a german clinical institute of the University of Frankfurt.
    We would like to order your software “VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter for Mac”,
    a one user license with install-cd. Our clinical administration dont can order your software by internet.
    We need an ordering adress and a faxnumber from you to order this software.
    Or can you tell me a german distributor for this?
    Please rewrite me soon and tell me please the ordering details such as taxnumber and so on.

    With best regards,
    K.F. Winter from University of Frankfurt in Germany.

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