When you find there are some useful or interesting information in some webpage or some html document, do you want to preserve as your own file? If so, you may hope the preserved document to retail the original layout, including the text, image, background, etc. So the developing application VeryPDF HTML to PDF will help you convert html, webpage or url file to pdf document which can be secured by open password or owner password.

The main features of VeryPDF HTML to PDF will be shown in the following contents and you will get the basic information about this developing application. If you are interested in it, you can bring up some ideas or advices for improving the functions of it and your gold ideas will help you win this application for free if they are adopted by our designers.

Main features of VeryPDF HTML to PDF

Support online or local html document

You can add two kinds of files into VeryPDF HTML to PDF.

  • Local html document. You can add the local html, htm, or mhtml document into the application.
  • Online html document (URL). You can also input the url of some webpage into the application. In addition, VeryPDF HTML to PDF is able to recognize the url in text, ini, rtf, etc. file and then add them into the application.

Allow batch conversion

You can add a batch of html documents into VeryPDF HTML to PDF, set parameters for them and then convert them to pdf documents together. You are able to set the output location for the created pdf documents and they will be automatically saved there.

Set different parameters for created pdf document

To the created pdf document, you can set the parameters as follows:

  • Add watermark and set the location, size, font, color, angle, etc. for the watermark.
  • Edit pdf description such as title, author, keywords, creator, producer, etc.
  • Specify which page to convert such as odd or even page, all pages, specified page, etc.
  • Add page number for the created pdf document and set number size, font, color, location, etc.
  • Set page margin and page orientation for output pdf document.
  • Secure pdf document by setting open and owner password and set different permissions.

Monitor the specified directory

You can specify a directory and let VeryPDF HTML to PDF to monitor it. As long as html file input into that directory, it will be converted to pdf document and then save to automatically location.

You ideas about VeryPDF HTML to PDF will be the best gift for us and if you have something to say about it, please leave a message here or contact us now! Please don’t forget that you will get freeware VeryPDF HTML to PDF if your ideas work in the application.

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