VeryPDF Image Downsample

If you want to compress pdf documents, there is a useful way to compress the image in pdf document. So you can choose to downsample pdf image if you have some suitable application. The coming program VeryPDF Image Downsample can compress your pdf document via downsampling the image in pdf document and than save it as a new file.

For your work efficiency and compression result, VeryPDF Image Downsample supplies several ways and you can choose any one of them according to your needs. In addition, if you want to compress many image pdf files, this developing application will also help you because it supports batch process.

The main features of VeryPDF Image Downsample will be shown in the following contents and if you have some good ideas or advices about this program, please write them down and then we will offer you the connection ways in the end of this article.

Main features of VeryPDF Image Downsample

1. Batch process

If you have many image pdf documents to be downsampled, you can locate them in one folder. When you open the application, you will find that you are able to open a whole file folder by clicking one button in the main window of the application and then all the files in the folder will be added into the file list. You can browse each file by double clicking them and they will be opened by the default pdf reader installed on your computer.

2. Filter image by specifying size

When you filter pdf image, you can set the image size by customizing height and width. When you run the application, all the image less than the size you set will not be downsampled and of course, which will speed up the compressing work.

3 Three kinds of downsample methods

  • By DPI: If the image is less than the DPI value that you set, the image will be ignored, which can help to compress pdf to a smaller size.
  • By scale: You can set the image scale percentage according to your needs. In the donwsampling process, the images in pdf document will be scaled by that percentage.
  • By size: You can set the image height and width for the output pdf image. In the downsampling process, the images in pdf document will be changed to that size.

4. Set downsampling page range

You can set the downsampling page range if there are too many pages in the input pdf document. You can specify the page formats like the following three ones: “1”, “6-10”, “2-4 6 8-9”.

5. Set JPEG quality

If there are JPEG format image in input pdf document, you can also set its quality from 1 to 100. The lower the quality value is, the smaller the JPEG file size will be. Of course, the higher the quality value is, the bigger the JPEG file size will be.

6. Supply different downsample filters

You can choose different kinds of downsample filters if you want to speed up the compressing work or to get pdf file with high quality images. The downsampling speed will be different when you choose different filter.

Do you want to use VeryPDF Image Downsample for free?

If you advices or ideas for this application are adopted by our program designers, you will be able to use this application without any payments.

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