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If you have an Excel file which contains the information of different fieldnames, do you know how to make these dynamic Label fields like name, sex, age, education, etc. to customized pdf template? If you don’t know, the powerful application VeryPDF Label may be able to help you resolve this kind of problem. The developing application now supplies its main features shown in the following contents and it hopes you can bring up some more good ideas to make it more powerful.

1. Auto recognize field name and show field information

When you input an Excel file in VeryPDF Label, it can automatically recognize all the field names in the Excel file and show all the field information in information list just like the original ones in Excel file.

2. Allow user to add the pdf label rule

Suppose that you want to send a letter to each person in the Excel file and also add there name, sex, age, education, etc. information in the letter, you need to create pdf label by using VeryPDF Label. At first, you need to add a ready pdf template in the application and then you need to add the pdf label rule by setting text font, size, color, location, opacity degree, etc. You can name the pdf label rule yourself and the rule will be saved in VeryPDF Label automatically. When you use it next time, you can call it again.

3. Edit the existed pdf label rule

If you want to use some existed pdf label rule but there are something you want to change or need to remove, you can edit it by changing the rule name, text font, text color, text location, etc.

4. Support Redo or Undo operations

If you locate the field name in the wrong location in pdf template, you can use the Undo function to return to the last operation. If you want to return back again, please use Redo function, which means that these two functions are opposite ones.

5. Support to check all labels and edit them together

If there are too much labels to be edited in pdf template, you can check them all and then edit the text font, size, color, location, etc. together, which is easy and convenient.

Now if you have some opinions about VeryPDF label, you can contact us to tell us which kind of functions do you hope this application to realize or which kinds of functions need to be improved. If you can do like this and your ideas are adopted by our designers, you will be able to use the program without any payment and of course we will be very grateful for this.

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