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When you scan a book and save all the scanned pages as pdf document, you will find that almost all the scanned pages contain two pages of original book. Now if you want to read the scanned pdf document page by page, you need to cut pdf page into single ones by a horizontal or a vertical line.

The powerful application VeryPDF Page Cut is a helpful one which can act as a knife to cut the pages of input pdf document into several slices. You will never have to worry about how to deal with the connected pdf pages if you have it installed on your computer.

If you don’t know how this application is able to do, please see the following contents which are going to show you the abilities of VeryPDF Page Cut. If you are interested in this program from now on, you can also imagine which kinds of functions it is able to realize and write them down. If you can do this, it will be the best gifts for us and if your ideas are used in this coming product, you will surely get the authority to use our freeware application.

So please take part in us now! VeryPDF Page Cut is able to:

  1. Cut pdf page in batch. If you have multiple pdf documents and they all need to be cut into slices, the batch conversion mode allows you to add pdf documents in batches and you can choose a unified cutting rule for all of these pdf documents. If some document need to be cut by special way, you can identify it and make the special cutting rule for it alone.
  2. Supply several kinds of cutting rules. When choosing the cutting rule, you need to consider the page format of the input pdf document. The basic cutting rules are using horizontal or vertical line to separate pdf document into two parts. You can locate the horizontal or vertical line in the middle or any location of the pdf page. If you think it is not accurate, the zoom tool and line position tool will help you locate the separating line well. In addition, if you want to cut pdf into more slices, you can use the grid tool which is able to make a cutting grid by setting the numbers of horizontal and vertical lines. Then you can cut pdf into many pieces.
  3. Specify cutting page number. You can freely specify the number of the cut pages by customizing the start and end number in the program. You can also choose to cut only odd pages or even pages. Of course, all pages are the default option. You are able to set the page orientation for the output pdf pages as portrait or landscape.
  4. Automatically number the cut pages. When you use horizontal, vertical or grid lines to cut pdf pages, the cut slices will be automatically numbered with roman number from 1. If you don’t like the number order, you can also customize them yourself to make them more flexible.

Just by one click, you can easily finish the cutting work and you will get the new pdf document with cut pages. To bring up your ideas, you can leave messages here or contact our support team. Don’t forget the freeware software!

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