VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite

If you have a lot of images scanned paper, pdf documents which are hard to manage, please let VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite to help you. It is a desktop application which is able to batch scan paper forms, invoices and bills into digital images or pdf files, you can also add relevant properties for the files, like Amount, Invoice No. and Bill Date etc., then you can search, group and manage your paper documents quickly in future.

Maybe you have a lot of documents that you can not find which one you need to use before. But if you can add some property like the category, name, date, etc. you will find them easily with VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite.

The following contents aims at showing you the key features of VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite and you can see which kind of function is not flexible.

  • Scan paper into images or pdf document. VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite allows you to scan paper into digital images or pdf documents by choosing a scanner installed on your computer. After scanning the paper, you can name the new file and edit it by the own image editor of VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite.
  • Organize pdf files with category. When you add some files into VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite, a window will pop up to remind you to add a category for the file. You can also add different properties for this category, which will help you find the file easily in the future.
  • Edit the properties for category. For example, you define a category named as Date. You can set the properties for this category such as the creator, time, etc.
  • Search documents through name, path, category, etc. When you want to find some pdf document, you can add them into VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite and then you can find the file by file name, category, path, etc. property, which is fast and easy to find one or some documents.
  • Create different kinds of documents. You can use VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite to create image (JPG, BMP, TIFF and PNG) and pdf document. You can also send the created document via SMTM protocol by choosing the server and inputting your authentication user name and password.

VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite doesn’t need any other programs because it is a stand-alone one. If you want to use this application, you can pay close attention to the website of VeryPDF. If the shown functions above can not meet all your requirements about managing pdf documents, please leave a message or contact us to bring up your ideas. If your advices are used in this application, you will be able to use VeryPDF Paper Manager Lite for free. Now come on to beat your brains, everybody!

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