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If you have a lot of scan paper need to be organized to pdf document, which kind of application you will choose? If you don’t know, the one to be introduced in this article will give you a good choice—VeryPDF Scan Paper.

VeryPDF Scan Paper is able to let you to scan and organize your paper in pdf document. It provides a powerful ability to scan and repair your paper documents. VeryPDF Scan Paper uses clear thumbnails to allow you to easily organize, filter, secure, send and retrieval your scanned documents.

The main features of this developing application will be show in the following contents. If you need it, please see the features at first and then you can tell us your requirements or your advices about this application.

The Key Features of VeryPDF Scan Paper

1. Add all kinds of image formats into the application

VeryPDF Scan Paper supports all kinds of image formats and some kinds of video formats like MPEG, AVI, WMV, etc. You can add a batch of different kinds of files into the application at the same time and you can view the added documents by thumbnail or list format.

2. Manage the added image files

After adding images into the application, you can edit the image at once such as reversing, rotating, cropping, enhancing contrast, deskewing, etc. You can zoom in or out the current image.

3. Create pdf document from images

After managing images, you can create pdf document from these images. Before that, you can set different parameters for the created pdf document. For example, you can set page size, orientation, number, margin of pdf page, you can also set the location of images, you can add watermark to the created pdf document with text, graphic, or image, you are able to add bookmark to the created pdf, of course, open and owner passwords can also be added.

4. Scan paper by choosing a scanner

If you want to scan paper with VeryPDF Scan Paper, you can choose a scanner from your document and then scan the paper you need, like a paper in word, excel, pdf, etc.

5. Extract text or image from pdf document

VeryPDF Scan Paper is also able to extract text or images from the added pdf document. To the extracted text, you can save them as new txt or rtf document. To the extracted images, you can organize them again by the functions mentioned above and then create to a new pdf document.

Now are you interested in VeryPDF Scan Paper?

If you are fascinated with VeryPDF Scan Paper now, you can pay attention to this coming application at the website of VeryPDF. Do you have some opinions about it? If so, please tell us by leaving messages of contacting us. If your ideas are used in this application by our designers, you will get VeryPDF Scan Paper as a gift for free.

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