VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker

Do you want to show others how to use the software installed on your computer in a clear way? Do you want to record that how you create a birthday card for your mom or dad? If so, you can use VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker to help you.

This application is able to make a complete tutorial just by capturing screen, inputting instructed text, and then publishing with wanted format such as pdf, word, html, etc. All the steps are easy to operate and you don’t need to have any other knowledge about creating a tutorial.

VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker is a coming application which is being developed by VeryPDF. In this article, you will see the main features of it in the following contents. If the current functions can not meet your needs, you can tell us anytime so that we can improve it to a powerful one.

So here are the main features of VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker

Input different formats of file

VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker supports to add different kinds of image format into the application. If you want to show others how to use a kind of software on your computer, you may need to capture screen any time and then add the captured image into the application as one file. In addition, the program also allows you to add window into the application.

Edit instructed text

When you deal with any file, you can add the instructed text for it such as “Now you will see how to add pdf documents into the application. Please click File—Open to open the file picker window… …” which can help readers to understand the step or the image more clearly.

Edit the added image

To the added image in VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker, you can edit it by adding text, blur, graphics, etc. to it to make it more acceptable. You can also zoom in or out the current previewed image. For the text added in the image, you can set its font, size, color, align, etc. To the graphic such as rectangle or ellipse added in the image, you can also set the fill color. If the image is too big or there are some part you don’t want, you can crop the image as you like.

Create different kinds of file

If you finish in creating the tutorial, you can create the target file. VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker allows you to create pdf, html, word, image, etc. format file. For different kinds of target file, you can set different parameters for them:

  • PDF: You can add header and foot, description for the created pdf document. The application supplies several kinds of pdf style for you to choose and you also need to select the image align in the created document. The font, size, color, page size, page margin, etc. of pdf document can be set before creating the target file.
  • Word: Set image frame for the created word document and select text font, size, color, page size, page margin, etc. before creating the target file.
  • HTML: Choose a kind of html template and set the image format and image size before creating the target file.

Send the target file through mail

If you want to send the created tutorial to your friends, VeryPDF Screen Tutorial maker can help you. Just activate this function and then you need to input the mail address of the receiver. Input the SMTP protocol and your authentication user name and password. Then you will be able to send the file to others.

Are you satisfied with the functions of VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker? If not, please leave messages or contact us to tell us the disadvantages. We need your good ideas or advices to improve this application and if your opinions are adopted in this program, we will send VeryPDF Screen Tutorial Maker to you and you will be use it for free. Does it sound attractive? Please start to give us your ideas now!

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