VeryPDF TIFF Combine (beta version)

VeryPDF TIFF Combine is a professional software application which can help you combine TIFF files. You can use it to combine multiple TIFF files into a single TIFF or convert multiple TIFF files into a PDF file. Various ways are provided to help you combine your TIFF files.

VeryPDF TIFF Combine can run well under Windows, Mac Safari, Linux operating systems. It provides a command line version and a GUI (graphic user interface) version.

Key Features

Combine all the TIFF files in a folder

VeryPDF TIFF Combine can help you convert any selected TIFF files into one TIFF file. It can also help you combine all the TIFF files in the same folder at a time. Moreover, this tool allows you to monitor the output folder.

Combine TIFF according to file names

VeryPDF TIFF Combine is a smart tool which can combine TIFF files according to the original file names. When VeryPDF TIFF Combine spots a same part in different file names, it will automatically combine those TIFF files together. For example, if the input files contains files: very1.tiff, very3.tiff, very44.tiff, very35.tiff, tax1.tiff, tax2.tiff, tax3.tiff, and tax4.tiff, the result files would be very-com.tiff and tax-com.tiff.

Combine specified pages from specified TIFF files

VeryPDF TIFF Combine support page range setting and batch processing. VeryPDF TIFF Combine can not only combine the specified page range from one or multiple input files, but also it can combine different specified page ranges from different input TIFF files.

Convert TIFF to PDF

VeryPDF TIFF Combine is also a PDF converter. You can use to combine TIFF page or combine TIFF files and convert the result TIFF into PDF. You can also set user passwords and master passwords for the result PDF files.

360截图20120516113618468 Wanna get free software?

Do you want to try the beta version of VeryPDF TIFF Combine? Please contact our support group by sending emails to You are welcome to share your good ideas with us through email. If any of your idea is adopted, a registration code for this product will be sent to you.

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