What are the differences between PowerPoint to Flash Converter and PowerPoint Converter products?

In this article, I will show you my experience about choosing a PPT converter software. I just need to convert PPT to flash, as last I chose PowerPoint Converter. There is another software PowerPoint to Flash Converter which I also like it, but compare PPT converter, it is not so economical and prolific. Now I will try to compare them for you, hoping it can help those who have the same needs as me a little bit.

Function Comparison

Now let us check the same function parts of those software(PowerPoint Converter VS PowerPoint to Flash Converter)

function list

In the following chart, we can check what PowerPoint Converter can do but PowerPoint to Flash Converter can not do.

function list 2

Price Comparison

If you just need to convert PPT to flash and you do not want to spend too much money on it, PowerPoint to Flash Converter is you better choice. It sells at $49.95. But if you feel that maybe you need to convert ppt to image or ppt to PDF, PowerPoint Converter will be better for you. But it is a little expensive. It sells at $79.95. But for me I feel that, once you pay for it, you can use it forever. Why not choose one for future use even if it is a little expensive?

Official Homepage

PowerPoint Converter: https://www.verypdf.com/ppt-converter/index.html

PowerPoint to Flash Converter:https://www.verypdf.com/ppt-flash/index.html

Free downloading link

PowerPoint Converter: http://www.verydoc.com/verydoc_pptconverter.exe

PowerPoint to Flash Converter: http://www.verydoc.com/verydoc_ppt2flash.exe

Note: both of those two software were developed by VeryPDF software, if you need to check more, please visit its homage yourself. And all of them have command line version and developer version which can be called from c#,asp, php or others easily.


If you use the GUI version, they are nearly same in the usage. Their interface looks same, if you know how to use one, then the other can be learned automatically. So I will take converting PPT to flash by PowerPoint to Flash Converter for example to show the conversion effect.

  • Download the software to your PC and allow it to run in your PC.
  • Double click its icon on the desktop to enter its interface.

interface of ppt2flash

  • Add PPT file by clicking button Add PPT files.
  • Do the setting part on the right menu control according to your needs.
  • Click the button Convert  to run the conversion.

Now let us check comparison of source ppt file and converted swf file. All the alimentation effect will be kept untouched after conversion. So for me the conversion effect is very good. 

ppt file 

swf file

Hoping my suggestion and introduction can help you in some degree.

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