Convert DWG to PDF file in batch by command line

By using the command line application VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter, you can convert the file of dwg to pdf in batch easily. This command line supports wildcard in batch conversion and you can also set different kinds of parameters in the command line.

You need to download AutoCAD to PDF Converter Command Line via clicking this link and you can install it on your computer by double clicking the installer of it and follow the installation wizard.

In the following content, you will see how to convert dwg to pdf in batch with AutoCAD to PDF Converter Command Line. You are able to make the conversion after seeing the command line usage template like the following one:

dwg2pdf [options] <-i AutoCAD Files> [-o Output]

The meaning of the command line template is that the called program dwg2pdf.exe will convert the input AutoCAD files to output file and realize different kinds of functions with different kinds of options.

If you need to make the conversion in batch, please use the wildcard “*” to help you. Please see the following command line example:

dwg2pdf -i C:\*.dwg -o C:\*.pdf

In the example, C:\*.dwg stands for the dwg files in C:\. C:\*.pdf stands for the created pdf files in C:\. The whole command line means that the called program dwg2pdf.exe will call all dwg files from C:\ and convert them into pdf files and save in C:\.

You can use this application to realize other functions like pdf resolution, pdf page size, pdf color type, etc. If you want to realize these function, you can refer to the command line usage (You can get the usage by dragging the file dwg2pdf.exe and dropping it into MS-DOS interface.)

At last, please hit Enter button to run the conversion from dwg to pdf in batch. If you still have other questions about this batch conversion, please contact our support team.

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