OCR Text in Snapshot

Still irritable in extracting text from snapshot? VeryPDF Screen OCR can save you from these kinds of issues immediately and conveniently.

VeryPDF Screen OCR is an easy-to-use GUI tool that allows you to OCR text from screen snapshot in both 32 bits and 64 bits Windows systems. For more information about VeryPDF Screen OCR, please go to homepage of VeryPDF Screen OCR. For other software, please enter official website of VeryPDF. To freely trial VeryPDF Screen OCR with the following description later, please click at here.

Want to know how to use VeryPDF Screen OCR to OCR text with OCR technology right now? Then, please do not hesitate to read the followings!

Here is the original screen snapshot on Windows screen:

Original snapshot

Fig1. Original snapshot

For us, to OCR text of this snapshot with VeryPDF Screen OCR, please follow the steps below:

1. Please run VeryPDF Screen OCR to make GUI interface opened on screen like picture shows to you:

Interface of VeryPDF Screen OCR

Fig. Interface of VeryPDF Screen OCR

Then, you can select suitable language of OCR technology in order to be suitable for character languages of screen snapshot.  Also you can set hotkey for quicker capture later.

2. Click hotkey or Capture button to start to draw a rectangle as a special dimension to OCR text:

on snapshot, you need to click one position with left button of mouse > move your mouse onto another position with press on left button of mouse, then you can see a rectangle is formed, however, if you think this rectangle can not cover all of what you want to OCR later, you need to keep moving mouse onto another position till the content in dimension suits for your demand. And then you can loose the left button of mouse, so right now, the rectangle is stationary, along with 4 buttons appears, where you need to click OCR in order to make program OCR text in selected screen snapshot of rectangle.

Rectangle afterward for OCR text with OCR technology based on one click on OCR button

Fig2. Rectangle afterward for OCR text with OCR technology based on one click on OCR button

3. One click on OCR button brings you brand new panels, where you can notice that OCR technology has extracted characters from selected screen snapshot to text preview panel accurately. Thus, to save these characters, please click image directly to save them in default folder or another place in your computer, or click File > select save text as > choose one folder in pop dialog box > click save.

Automatic panels for saving text

Fig3. Automatic panels for saving text

After you successfully save extracted text of selected snapshot in your computer, it is easy and simple for you to continue to edit this text file.

Is it very convenient to use VeryPDF Screen OCR to OCR text from snapshot with OCR technology? Yes, of course, it just need several clicks like what I mentioned in this article.

For more doubts on VeryPDF Screen OCR and this article, please feel free to leave your comments here or let our support team know immediately, who will give you a quick and accurate response at once.

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