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If you still look for a software that helps you save screen and save snapshot, you can use VeryPDF Screen OCR on both 32 bits and 64 bits Windows platforms.

VeryPDF Screen OCR is a professional GUI tool that allows Windows users to save screen and save snapshot flexibly. For more information of VeryPDF Screen OCR, you can go to official website of VeryPDF Screen OCR. For free experience of VeryPDF Screen OCR, please click at here without doubt. More software can be found at official website of VeryPDF.

How to save screen and save snapshot with VeryPDF Screen OCR immediately?

1. Open GUI interface of VeryPDF Screen OCR

Interface of VeryPDF Screen OCR

Fig. Interface of VeryPDF Screen OCR

2. Set hotkey of screen capture flexibly on GUI interface, e.g., F4, F1, space etc.

3. Click hotkey or Capture button > draw a rectangle on your screen till it covers what you want to make into screen snapshot exactly, and to save screen later, please make rectangle dimension takes the whole screen. Then, you need to loosen the left button of mouse and click save file to so that this snapshot or screen could be saved in default folder of VeryPDF Screen OCR directly.

Rectangle with copy and save to file

Fig. Rectangle with copy and save to file

If you want to copy this snapshot, please click Copy so that you can flexibly paste this picture in where you need to adhere, e.g., a instant dialog box, a website, a blog etc. for it is very flexible to operate and use.

If you want to know other functions of VeryPDF Screen OCR beyond how to save screen and save snapshot directly, please keep reading our articles in VeryPDF Knowledge Base, where you can also know other descriptions of other useful software, or just go to user guide of VeryPDF Screen OCR.

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