Adjust text position in PDF without changing font size

Question:I have a PDF file that has its text start at the very left of the page(s). I tried to change the margin size. The text moved to the left, but the font became a smaller. What should I do to move the text of the PDF to the right without losing the size of the font?


Solution: Use software VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools, you can offset the content in PDF file without changing font size. Download Advanced PDF Tools to your PC, in the Page tab please adjust X-offset, you can move text of the PDF  from left to right without losing the size of the font.

Actual combat operations

First, download Advanced PDF Tools to your PC. If you need to know more about it, please visit official website of Advanced PDF Tools. Downloading and installation finish, the icon of this software shows itself automatically. Double click it, you can enter software main interface. The following is the snapshot of the software.

interface of Advanced PDF Tools

Second, go to Pages tab. As we need to adjust PDF content position, it is related to the page setting. In the above snapshot, I have rectangled the function area for text position adjusting. Say as we need to move the text from left to right, you just need to offset it in the X direction. If you just need to adjust the first page or some pages, please specify page range in corresponding column. Take a random PDF file for example. I offset it both in X-direction and Y-direction and apply this setting only on the first page.

set offset vaule during the adjusting

If you do not need to set other limitations, just click the button Change, the adjusting job will be processed at once.  A few seconds later, output PDF file will tell you that you succeeded in this combat. Now let us take a glace at the conversion effect from the following snapshot. The content has been moved from left to right, but the font size has not been changed.

the adjusted effect for adjusting PDF content position

Here the adjusting of PDF content position without changing PDF font size has been finished. If you have any question, please leave us a comment, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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