How to convert docx to doc totally free?

    For those who have not install Office 2007 or later version, docx file can not be opened as the format is not backwards compatible. Sometimes, if you installed Office 2003, maybe you would not like to update it to the 2007 or later as you have be used to using it. However, it is really cumbersome to receive docx file as you can not read it. Based on this situation, VeryPDF developed a suit of totally free online software which can help you convert .docx to .doc  in just simply two steps.

     What is the difference between .docx and .doc?

  • DOCX is the default word2007 and it is not backwards compatible.
  • Doc is the default format of word 2003 and it is backwards compatible.
  • DOCX is achieved based on  XML compression method but doc is based on zip compression method. Compared with doc format, docx can save more within less size.

    How to convert .docx to .doc?

software interface of Free DOCX to DOC Converter Online

    Fig. 1. software interface of Free DOCX to DOC Converter Online

  • This software can converted both online docx file and local docx file to doc file.
  • Simply browse a file then upload and convert it, the conversion can be finished in a few seconds.


1.Can I process batch conversion by this software?
No, this software only can convert one in a time and the input docx file size should be less in 10 MB.

2. Can I use this software on Mac?
     Yes, this software can be used at any platform. No matter you use it on Mac, Linux or Smartphone, the conversion can be processed.

3. Is that safe to use this software? I mean whether your website will back up my files?
    Yes, we promise here your upload file is extremely safe. We will not backup the file, let alone use it or spread it to others.

During the using, if you have any question, please contact us by the ways supported on this contact us website. And more free online software will be released, please pay attention to our website.

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