How to edit PDF OpenAction by command line

If you need to edit PDF OpenAction to meet your requirement when opening PDF document, please have a try of the application VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line. This article aims at showing you how to fulfill the function mentioned in topic and you will get the information you need.

VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line is a powerful command line application which is able to edit PDF description, OpenAction, metadata content, etc. functions and it is a MS-DOS oriented one. So please open MS-DOS interface after free downloading VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line. The executable file pdftools.exe in the unzipped file package is the called program of the application.

To see how to use this application, you can browse readme.txt document in unzipped package. Then please open MS-DOS interface and refer to the following command template to type your own commands:

pdftools [options]

To edit OpenAction settings of PDF document, you will use the following options:

-g [PageLayOut]: Set PageLayOut, PageLayOut include "SinglePage","OneColumn", "TwoColumnRight", "TwoColumnLeft", "TwoPageLeft". Example: -g "SinglePage".
-n [PageViewReferce]: Set PageViewReferce, PageViewReferce include "HideToolbar", "HideMenubar", "FitWindow", "CenterWindow", "DisplayDocTitle", "HideWindowUI", Example: -n "HideToolbar true CenterWindow false". -n "HideToolbar false HideMenubar true".
-q [OpenAction]: Set OpenAction, OpenAction include "FitBH", "FitH", "Fit", Example: -q "FitBH" or -q "50" -q "50" means display pages with magnification=50%.

According to the usage and options shown above, you can write your own commands, please see the following examples:

pdftools -i c:\input.pdf -g "SinglePage"
pdftools -i c:\input.pdf -n "HideToolbar true
pdftools -i c:\input.pdf -q "FitBH" or -q "50"

The first example is to open PDF document by single page.
The second example is to open PDF document with hiding the reader’s toolbar.
The last example is to open PDF document by fitting the page height and the content magnified just enough to fit the entire width of its bounding box. Then display pages with magnification=50%.

So with this application, you can easily set the OpenAction of your PDF document. If you want to use VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line, please download the free trial of it via clicking the following button.

free download VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line

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