How to scale PDF page with command line

VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line allows you to scale PDF page with easy operations. This application will act as the guide for you to realize the function that you need. So please go on reading to get some useful information.

In order to scale the PDF paper size, you need to follow the steps shown below, which are easy for your to master.

1. Please free download VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line and then unzip this command line application to the location disk. The executable file pdftools.exe is the called program of this application.

2. For this application is a MS-DOS based one, please open MS-DOS interface for inputting the commands into it. If you don’t know how to use the application, please input the file path of pdftools.exe into MS-DOS and hit Enter button to see its usage.

3. Refer to the command template shown below to write your commands:

pdftools [options]

If you need to scale page size for PDF document, the options you will use are:

-z [Page Scale]: Set the pages size by page scale, Example: -z "90 110" which means set page width to 90% of primary page width and set page height to 110% of primary page height.

Please see the following detailed examples for you to better understand:

pdftools -i c:\input.pdf "-z" "90 110"

Additionally, you can also make other PDF page settings like choose page range, set page number, rotate PDF page, etc. Please see the following examples:

pdftools -i c:\input.pdf "-f" 90
pdftools -i c:\input.pdf "-u" "2,4-8,29-32,38"
pdftools -i c:\input.pdf "-w" 10

More useful information are in readme.txt document of unzipped file package of the application.

4. Please hit Enter button to run the commands.

5. Check the processed PDF document in specified location and then you will see your target file.

In the end of this article, you can choose to visit the homepage of VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line to browse the application or purchase it. Or you can click the following button to download free trial version of this useful application.

free download VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line

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