How to extract image from PDF without Adobe?

There are some ways to extract images from a PDF as long as you have a PDF reader to open the PDF. For example, VeryPDF Shareshot, which is a total free product, can help you extract anything that you can view on your screen. you can open the PDF file first and then use VeryPDF Shareshot to help you extract any area from any PDF page. 

However, it turns out to be a little harder to find a proper one to extract image from PDF when there is no Adobe product. VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut is a product that can help you solve this problem. You can use it to extract any image from any PDF page as long as the image is in a rectangle or square shape.

VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut is mainly designed to cut PDF page into different pieces and then make a new PDF by binding the pieces or even with the uncut pages. Yet, This tool is also able to delete PDF pages, trim PDF pages and extract images and tables from PDF without Adobe products. Its cross platform mechanism makes it possible to run well under both Windows PCs and Macs. 

The rest part would introduce the method to extract an image from a PDF with the use of VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut. For instance, if you want to extract the image marked by a red rectangle in the illustration below, you can do as follows:

           Before                           After

the page from which you want to extract an image    image

  • 1. Launch VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut.
  • 2. Input the PDF file (You can preview the PDF in the thumbnail and list box of the main interface).
  • 3. Specify the image that you want to extract from PDF. You can use cutting lines to mark separate the image from other area, you can do as follows:
      • Click the vertical cutting line buttonimage, and then click on the left and right borders of the image.
      • Click the horizontal cutting line button image, and then click on the upper and down borders of the image in the list box.
      • Click the Delete button image , and then click on the pieces  you don’t want on the page shown in the list box.

set vertical cutting lines on the page  seperate the image remove the unwanted area ont the page 

  • 4. Remove all the other pages of the PDF. If you only want to save this image, you can delete all the rest PDF pages by doing the following:
      • Click on any other PDF page on the thumbnail panel.
      • Click image, and click on the current page.
      • Click Apply to open the Apply dialog box where you can set page range to apply the rule of the present page to all the specified pages.
      • Click the radio button before Select pages, and type the range in the edit box, e.g., 1,2,4-90.
      • Click OK.
  • 5 Save the extracted image.

This is how you can use VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut to extract image from PDF when there is no Adobe  product on your PC or Mac. Any way, VeryPDF Advanced PDF Page Cut will soon be released, if you want to try the evaluation version, please consult the support group of VeryPDF.

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