How to extract meta info from source PDF to output text

This article helps you extract meta info from added PDF to text file with command line in simple steps than you can expect.

As mentioned in the beginning, only several steps can bring you exact conversion through command line on Windows platforms. However, firstly, it is elementary to know which tool we need to use for extraction of meta info here:

VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line, which is smart tool that can be called in script, enables you to set PDF files in various aspects, e.g., PDF passwords, PDF encryption levels, PDF permissions, PDF meta info extraction, as well as page bookmarks, page labels, statistics, etc.. With this simple-to-use tool for both beginners and programmers, supported processes could be easily, professionally and accurately achieved through command line and parameters.

So, after short knowledge about tool we need to use, please do not hesitate to read following paragraphs to know exact information about extraction of meta info, as well as page bookmarks, page labels, statistics from PDF file to text file via command lines:

1. Run command prompt window

After you get trial version of VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line, you can run cmd.exe to open command prompt window on screen for Windows systems. Then, it is simple to follow steps below to fulfill extraction.

2. Extract meta info from PDF file to text file

Firstly, please understand following parameter:

-getinfo: extract statistics, metadata, bookmarks and page labels from input PDF file to the given output file.

Then, the following example shows you more information about how to extract meta info:

D:\pdftoolbox_cmd_win\bin\pdftoolbox.exe D:\pdftoolbox_cmd_win\bin\b.pdf –outfile D:\pdftoolbox_cmd_win\bin\extraction.txt -getinfo

Then, here is snapshot about produced text containing extracted meta info, etc.:

Extracted-meta text after extracting meta from PDF to text with command line

By now, it is the end of details to use CMD tool to extract meta info from PDF file to text file. So, if you need to know more supported operations on this tool, welcome to concentrate on other articles about this tool here, moreover, if you need to use this tool eternally, just purchase full version of VeryPDF PDF Toolbox Command Line.

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