How to make PDF eBook and ePub eBook for reading on iPad?

In this article, VeryPDF will show you how to make PDF eBook and ePub eBook for reading on iPad. Normally speaking, when we would like read some eBooks, we will search on the eBook store then choose the better version to buy. After reading this article, maybe you have the ability to open an eBook store online.

Those eBooks, which could be read on iPad can be made from two formats: PDF eBook and ePub eBook. Even if both of them could be read on iPad but they are totally different when reading.

PDF eBook takes after the good ability of PDF file format; it can keep good format and layout. However, just as this ability, this format eBook can be adjusted on the iPad casually. Say your PDF eBook has 100 wide and big pages, when showing on the iPad, it still shows 100 pages and page set up can be changed. When reading, you need to move up and down on the pages.

EPub eBook, when reading on iPad, you can adjust page set up and font size casually. You can adjust reading experience according to your needs. Say one ePub eBook shows 100 pages on the computer, when reading it on iPad, you can enlarge it to 200 pages through adjusting font size. And you can also change the font color to green for protecting your eyes. However, those abilities do not keep with PDF eBook.

If you know which format to choose for eBook, now let us begin to make eBook.

Make PDF eBook

All the PDF could be read on iPad, so if you need to read them on iPad, simply transferring them to iPad then you can read them. However, if you need to add cover or change some content then sell them, you need to some software which can be used to edit PDF file. VeryPDF Editor has this about ability which enables you to edit PDF file like editing word in MS Office Word software. So for making PDF eBooks, you need software with ability of transferring eBook to iPad.

Make ePub eBook

ePub eBook now is popular among Apple application users for its flow text file formats. ePub eBooks content could be made from all kinds of files, like word, Excel, ppt, PDF, text, website and html file on the condition that you have VeryPDF eBook Maker software installed. As this software can be used to convert all those files to ePub eBooks and it also allows you to transfer them to iPad directly. This software also can help you transfer PDF eBooks to iPad directly.

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During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible. All the ways stated on our contact us website are available.

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