How to reorder and impose PDF pages horizontally or vertically

The application VeryPDF PDF Impose (PDF Stitcher) allows you to reorder and impose PDF pages horizontally or vertically on Mac and Windows operating systems.

VeryPDF PDF Impose (PDF Stitcher) is a professional PDF page imposition tool that can create n-up imposed PDF files. It supports to impose all PDF pages or selected PDF pages in four different order modes —horizontal, vertical, horizontal reversed, and vertical reversed.

In the following contents, you can see how to use this PDF page imposition tool to reorder PDF pages and impose the reordered PDF pages.

Firstly, please download the installer of VeryPDF PDF Impose (PDF Stitcher), and then double click the installer and follow the installation wizard step by step to install it on the computer.

Secondly, please open this application and click the Add button in the top toolbar to open file picker window in which you can choose files or use drag and drop operations to add the PDF files into the processing file list of the application. The following snapshot is from the main interface.

reorder and impose PDF pages with VeryPDF PDF Impose (PDF Stitcher)

Then, please input a folder path in the “Output Folder” edit box or click the Choose button to set an output folder for the imposed PDF.

Fourthly, you can set order, pagers per sheet, margin, gutter, etc. for the imposed PDF pages.

  • In the group box of “Order” on the bottom-left corner of the main interface, you can reorder the PDF pages in horizontal, vertical, horizontal reversed, or vertical reversed direction. The following snapshots show the sequences of the pages after reordering the PDF pages in these four modes.

reorder PDF pages in horizontal  reorder PDF pages in vertical
Horizontal                                 Vertical

reorder PDF pages in horizontal reversed  reorder PDF pages in vertical reversed
Horizontal Reversed             Vertical Reversed

  • In the group box of “Pages per Sheet” below the process bar, you can set how many PDF pages to be imposed per sheet.
  • In the group box of “Gutter” below the “Pages per Sheet”group box, you can set the space between the stitched pages on a sheet of paper.
  • In the group box of “Margin” beside the “Order” group box, you can set the space between the imposed PDF page and the edge of the PDF.
  • If you want to make other settings such as set page size, page range, rotation for the imposed PDF, you can click the Setting button in the top tool bar to open the “Setting” interface. But, please do not forget to click Apply button to save these settings. Please see it in the following snapshot.

set page size,page range,rotation angle,etc. for the combined PDF pages

Lastly, please click the Start button beside the “Setting” button in the top tool bar to impose the PDF pages.

You can see the effects from the following snapshots.

Output  PDF(Horizontal)
Output PDF(Horizontal)

Output  PDF(Horizontal Reversed)
Output PDF(Horizontal Reversed )

Output  PDF(Vertical)
Output PDF(Vertical)

Output  PDF(Vertical Reversed)
Output PDF(Vertical Reversed)

Kind Reminder: There will be a red slash across the imposed PDF pages. To eliminate the limitation, please buy the full version of VeryPDF PDF Impose (PDF Stitcher).

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