Change embedded fonts in PDF to system fonts for searching

When encountering PDF with embedded fonts, we can not do searching, copy and paste in it. Even if it shows searchable, when do searching, there is nothing found. When copy fonts to text, there are wild characters showing up. So it is really ignoring, if we can check the embedded fonts to common fonts, that would be better. VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line has such function, which can change embedded fonts in PDF by system fonts. In the following part, I will show you how to use this function.

Step 1. Download PDFprint

  • This is Windows application which can work both of under 32-bit and 64-bit. And there is no memory request or others, it can work most of common Windows system.
  • Once downloading finishes, please extract the zip file to some folder and then call executable file in MS Dos Windows. Please make sure that use this software according to the usage and examples.

Step 2. Change embedded fonts to system fonts

  • Please check usage and more examples in the readme.txt file. As there are too many numerous functions to be listed here.
  • When you need to change embedded PDF to common PDF file, please refer to the following command line template.
    pdfprint.exe -winfont -winfont2 C:\input.pdf
    There are three options for you to choose:
  • -winfont : this parameter can help you to print PDF file using Windows fonts to instead of embedded fonts
    -winfont2: this parameter can  force printer to use Windows fonts to instead of all embedded fonts
    -useembedfont: when you need to use embedded fonts from PDF file to print files, please add this parameter.

Actually this parameter maybe is not helpful when you do really printing. However, when you print PDF file using PDF virtual printer to searchable PDF file, this function can help you a lost. VeryPDF has many virtual printer for you to choose like docPrint, PDFcamp, docPrint PDF derivers and so on so forth. With those virtual printer, you can convert embedded PDF to searchable PDF, convert all the printable file to PDF and various image file format and convert PDF files to many kinds of image file formats.

The following parameters may be helpful for you:

-antifonts                   : enable anti-aliased font bitmaps for emulated fonts
-nochgprinter            : don't change default printer during printing
-restoreprinter          : restore original settings to printer after printing
-printermargins        : reduce to printer margins when printing
-checkjobstatus         : check status for print jobs
-checkjobtime <int>  : delay some time before check status for print jobs, in millisecond
-nodelfailjobs               : don't delete failed print jobs
-movetotop                 : move print area to top if printer paper not same as PDF paper, default is 'center'

During using, if you encounter any problems, please contact VeryPDF support team as soon as possible.

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