Add background watermark to PDF by command line

   For protecting PDF copyright information, sometimes we will add background to PDF file. When you need to stamp thousands of PDF files by background watermark, maybe you need software which can do the stamping job systemly and automatically. VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line has such function. If you are developer, there is also PDF Stamp COM version available, by which you can integrate PDF Stamp application into your own programs (Include client side and Server side applications).  In this article, I will use the command line version to show how this software works.

Step 1. Download PDF Stamp Command Line

  • When downloading finishes, there will be an zip file. Please extract it to some folder then you can find the executable file in sub example folder. And this is Windows application, if you are Mac or Linux user, please resort to other software.
  • Please check software working effect by double clicking the bat files in example folder.

Step 2. Set background watermark to PDF by command line

  • As set background watermark with text belongs to text stamp, please refer to rules of setting text stamp.
    Usage: pdfstamp.exe
  • [<-AT> <string> [-Pn] [-MLRn] [-MTBn] [-Rn] [-L]
    [-U <url>]/[-GO <page no.>]/[-OP <file>]/[-GR <file> <page no.>]
    [-Cn] [-H] [-FNn/-FT <name>] [-FSn] [-ML/-MR/-MC] ]

  • When you need to set background watermark to PDF, please refer to the following command line template.
    pdfstamp -PDF "example.pdf" -o "3.pdf"    -AT "Page \p of \c " -fs10 -p5    -AT "\n Demo" -p9 -r-45 -c13684944 -fs48 -l –fn301
    As this software has powerful function, please pay more attention to the syntax. Even if it is a little complicated but here is still rule. Input full path of input PDF leading by parameter –PDF, specify output folder leading by parameter –O. Then specify content, style, position and links of this  background watermark.
  • -AT: <string>String is the content of the stamp that you will create. In your stamp the text to be stamped must be enclosed in quotation mark, as with all other parameters in the stamp content.
    Values leading by –AT:
    Page \p of \c
    ": Maybe "Total \c" equal "Total 3"
    -FSn (default is -FS16): Set the font size, default is 16 point, for example,e.g. –FS16
    -P6: Stamps on the Bottom-Center of the page.
    -Rn (default is -R0):The Angle parameter provides more flexibility for stamp positioning. While a diagonal stamp will angle text at 45 degrees, the Angle parameter may be used to position a text or image stamp at any angle.e.g -R45 or .e.g –R315.
    -Cn (default is -C0):Specify the text color, range from 0x000000-0xFFFFFF, in decimal system, .e.g –C255. For example,Red Color: -C255 equal: 0x0000FF

Now let us check the stamping effect from the following snapshot.

output PDF with background watermark

During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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