Use website link as stamp on PDF by PDF stamp command line

Sometimes we will use website link as watermark stamped on company PDF documents. For one thing, when clients read those PDF file, they will know where it comes from. And for another thing, when clients have problem during the using, once they open the PDF documents, it will take clients to company website. In the following part, I will show you how to stamp PDF by company link through command line in batch.

Step 1. Download PDF Stamp Command Line

  • It is same with other command line version software, we have compressed it to zip file for fast downloading and uploading.
  • Once downloading finishes, there will be an zip file, please extract it to some folder and find executable file in sub folder example.
  • Please note now this software only can work under Windows system and we will develop Mac and Linux version as soon as possible.

Step 2. Stamp PDF by website link

  • When you use this software, please run the conversion according to the usage and examples.
  • [<-AT> <string> [-Pn] [-MLRn] [-MTBn] [-Rn] [-L]
    [-U <url>]/[-GO <page no.>]/[-OP <file>]/[-GR <file> <page no.>]
    [-Cn] [-H] [-FNn/-FT <name>] [-FSn] [-ML/-MR/-MC] ]
    [<-AI> <string> [-Pn] [-MLRn] [-MTBn] [-Rn] [-L]
    [-U <url>]/[-GO <page no.>]/[-OP <file>]/[-GR <file> <page no.>]
    [-Wn] [-Hn] ]

  • When you stamp PDF by website link, please refer to the following command line template.
    pdfstamp -PDF "example.pdf" -o "4.pdf"    -AT "" -p9 -r-20 -c13684944 -fs48 -fn201 –h Now I will explain this command line. Please input full path of input PDF leading by parameter –PDF, specify
    output folder by parameter –o. Here comes to the watermark setting part: use parameter –AT to specify the website link, parameter –p9 can help specify the location—>Stamps on the Center of the page. Parameter –r-2o can help you rotate watermark anticlockwise 20 degree. –c13684944 allows you to specify watermark color, -FS48 (default is -FS16) can help you
    set font size as 48. –FN201 can help you to specify font style as Courier-Bold. Parameter –h can help you specify fonts mode is  Outline.
    Please check related parameter here:
    -FNn/-FT name:set Text font name, default is Times-Roman, you only can use values stated in user manual.
  • -Cn (default is -C0):Specify the text color, range from 0x000000-0xFFFFFF, in decimal system.
    -Rn (default is -R0):The Angle parameter provides more flexibility for stamp positioning. While a diagonal stamp will angle text at 45 degrees, the Angle parameter may be used to position a text or image stamp at any angle.
    Please note: all those parameters should follow parameter –AT, or else the stamping may fail.
    -AT: <string>String is the content of the stamp that you will create. In your stamp the text to be stamped must be enclosed in quotation mark, as with all other parameters in the stamp content.

Now let us check the stamp effect from the following snapshot.

URL Stamp

During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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